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How To Get Rid Of Saddlebags And Spillover Rolls

Updated on October 24, 2015

"Soft" belly fat that hangs over your pants is unsightly! It also is a telltale sign that your lymphatic system isn't processing waste efficiently. Waste is waste for a reason. It is toxic to your system, therefore the body wants to dispose of it. When it isn't doing that properly that is when problems arise.

If your "soft" belly fat is accompanied by dark circles under your eyes, and possible swollen ankles that is even more of a sign that your lymphatic system needs rebooting. A great way to tell if your ankles are swollen, even slightly, is when you take off your socks see if there is a ring around your ankle from it.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymph system is a body-wide collection of channels that extract toxins from cells and ferry them out of the body. The lymph system has constant exposure to toxins which can create a build-up and possible blockages. When this occurs you need to recharge your detox system. A fluid overload of toxins can create many other issues within your body. The overload of waste is shuttled to the fat tissue and stored until the body's lymphatic system can safely flush it away. The problem is this causes fat tissues to swell and bulge against skin, which creates the appearance of cellulite. As more toxins build up, the body compensates by producing more fat cells to store the waste.

In an animal study at Stanford University, the lymphatic slowdowns resulted in a twofold increase in fat storage as well as an increase in health-sapping inflammatory markers. This increase was at least twentyfold! Your body tries to tell you things you just need to take note and listen.

The good news is that this is not a permanent thing. You can heal your lymphatic system. Taking in foods that balance fluids and reduce inflammation is key in doing this. You can repair your lymph system and make a difference in as little as three days. It can seem as if you have lost weight because it will reduce swelling and tighten your skin. This will also help you to break through that plateau and assist with your weight loss moving forward.

In the morning you should start out with a smoothie. Just make sure whatever you use they are anti-inflammatory foods. Below is a list of some anti-inflammatory foods. Here is a link as well to my hub about inflammation, which will help you in this journey and provide you with tons of helpful information.

Remember, if you are unsure about a food you should always research it. You need to be more aware of exactly what it is you are putting in your body and what it is doing to your body.

Drink plenty of water, in fact drink half your body weight in ounces. This will cause your fluid level to regulate itself and produce balance. When you take in more water it will cause your body to release excess water that causes bloat and puffiness within you.

Do not forget to watch your sodium intake. Salt will cause you to retain more instead of releasing it. So whatever you are ingesting be mindful of the salt!

Greens are great for your body. Leafy greens are rich in vitamin K, magnesium and folic acid. These nutrients are great at speeding up the process of removing toxins and trapped fluids from the lymphatic system.

The second part of this process is to repair the GI tract. Poorly digested food builds up in the colon where fat promoting bacteria feed on it and produce toxic by-products. Over a period of time, the bad bugs crowd out beneficial microbes. This means that the wrong things flourish while the good things get swept away. This is a toxic scenario.

In order to protect itself from the flood of food remnants and toxins, the body begins depositing the waste into fat cells, much like the lymphatic system does. The GI tract, however, protects your internal ecosystem by putting a layer of fat around all the most valuable things. This solution does get the toxins out of your GI tract but it creates a whole slew of health problems inevitably.

The way to heal your body's GI tract is to fill the body with beneficial bacteria. The gut function will improve Fermented foods are a great source of good bacteria. It doesn't take much and you will see the benefits! Loading up on healthy carbs will give the GI tract time and energy to heal itself. Sweet potatoes are a great source of healthy carbs. They contain probiotic fibers that nourish good bacteria.


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