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10 Effective Tips For Better Sleep

Updated on May 8, 2016
Drink water before going to bed
Drink water before going to bed

What to do before going bed?

1. Keep Electronic Items (Phone, Laptop etc.) away (atleast half to one hr before going to bed)

  • How it Helps?
  1. It keeps your eyes healthy & promotes sleep

2. Sleep in total darkness

  • How it Helps?
  1. Sleeping in dark produces hormones which promotes sleep

3. Read some interesting Book [OFFLINE]

  • How it Helps?
  1. It helps in motivating healthy dreams

4. Drink Water before going to bed (not too much)

  • How it Helps?
  1. It helps in burning Calories
  2. It helps in Hydrating
  3. It helps in Clearing toxins from you body.
  4. It helps in Promoting sleep by balancing hormones, vitamins & relaxing your body.

5. Cover your head with a scarf (especially during winters)

  • How it Helps?
  1. It helps to keep your head warm & promotes sleep
  2. It helps in keeping your hair free of split-ends & dust.

6. Schedule Important To-Dos & Plan Things to Do for next day

  • How it Helps?
  1. It helps you stay focused & stress free.

7. Think about what you learnt this day which is about to end & Thank God :)

  • How it Helps?
  1. It keeps you stay positive towards your life.
  2. It keeps you stress free.
  3. It helps you introspect and to improve.

8. Comb your hair

  • How it Helps?
  1. It maintains your hair healthy. You can even do oiling and give yourself a massage.

9. Set Alarm to wake up early and put it far away from your bed.

  • How it Helps?
  1. It makes you wake up easily.

10. Listen to soothing music at night. You can download this application if you have android :

  • How it Helps?
  1. It relaxes your brain and gives you a better sleep.

You should not drink Cup of Coffee just before bed
You should not drink Cup of Coffee just before bed

What you should not do at night before sleep?

1. Stay away from your electronic gadgets & "internet".

2. Don’t take hot water bath before going to sleep.

3. Do not drink alcohol or coffee just before bed.

4. Do not do late night work and always keep it light before going to sleep.

5. Do not exercise much right before going to sleep. It's best to schedule morning exercise. You can do Yoga early morning.

6. Do not eat heavy meal before sleeping. It's best to do dinner before 8pm and keep it light after that. Also, do not sleep empty stomach, it equally disturbs your sleep.


Tips to have a goodnight sleep

1. Keep a schedule fixed for sleeping & getting up. Make this your routine and go to bed daily at same time.

2. Turn off your computer/laptop and television at night.

3. Sleep in a noise-free environment.

4. Have a comfortable bed and clean pillow covers & bedsheets.

sleep well and sleep tight ! And Wake up early in Morning.

Have a Good Day!


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    • livehightech profile image

      livehightech 3 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks for the comment :) I agree for television should not be kept in bedroom. Even while having meals (lunch/dinner) we shouldn't watch television as it distracts us from focusing on meal & we may end up eating more. ;)

    • 101Ways2Life profile image

      Alana Niall 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Hi LiveHighTech, very useful tips, especially the last one. Don't put television in the bedroom. :)