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I Hate Exercise To I Love Exercise. How To Like And Enjoy Exercising.

Updated on February 26, 2013

Love And Hate

A large number of people like or even love exercise. They look forward to getting some exercise. If they stop exercising for a few days they miss it. As someone that exercises a lot I really enjoy it. It makes me feel good and reduces boredom. When I look outside or while I am outside at the the park I see lots of people walking, running, biking, or rollerblading and they do it because they like it. They want to exercise because it is something the enjoy doing.

Other people dislike or hate exercise. They look forward to sitting around for long periods of time reading, watching TV or playing games. While they are doing this they may be snacking on junk foods. Junk food and sitting around doing next to nothing go together. People often eat because they are bored. They just want to sit around and relax but sitting around doing almost nothing is not that relaxing and it is not very good for their health.

Reasons To Hate Exercise

Exercise is associated with pain, suffering and sacrifice. It can hurt while you do it and it can continue to hurt for days afterwards. Muscle soreness is common. When you exercise you strain your muscles and it takes them time to recover. It can also tire you out so you do not feel like doing anything. Then there is all the sweat and redness. You probably will not look very good after an exercise session. It can also make you hungry and very thirsty. After a long or intense exercise routine you will be in rough shape.

You need to find a way to exercise into your schedule. That means you need to give up some of the things you like doing. Not only does it take time to excise but it takes time to recover afterwards. To get good results in a relatively short period of time you will probably need to spend at least 5 hours a week exercising. Another reason to hate exercise is all the other people that make it look easy. Exercise can be frustrating and embarrassing when you are not very good at the exercise you are trying to do.


Reasons To Love Exercise

Exercise is a great way to reduce boredom. Instead of spending a boring day inside I can get out and bike or play golf. Exercising while I watch TV is usually more enjoyable than sitting around for 2 or 3 hours. It also makes me feel like I am making good use of my time. Exercise can provide you with a sense of accomplishment. I like how I feel after I accomplish something difficult like biking to a far away beach or lifting heavy weights. There is also the health benefits. Regular exercise can decrease the chance of serious health problems. Your immune system works better when you exercise regularly and exercise reduces stress. Exercise is even good for your brain and it can slow down the aging process.

You can look and feel better if you exercise on a regular basis. It can help to get rid of fat and build muscle. People get lean muscular healthy bodies by exercising. Then they can use their body to do fun things. Having a strong healthy body increases your options and improves the quality of life. It can also improve your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. One of the things I like most about exercising is that I can move past my current limitations. I also like the control it gives me over my body. It allows me to change my abilities like strength, endurance, speed and balance. It also allows me to change how I look.

Kayaking | Source
Volleyball | Source
I enjoy biking to beaches and being active while I am there. I walk, swim  a lot before biking back.
I enjoy biking to beaches and being active while I am there. I walk, swim a lot before biking back. | Source

Switching From Hating To Loving Exercise

A lot of the reasons for disliking exercise go away if you continue to exercise regularly. You no longer need to try to find ways to fit it into your schedule. It becomes part of your regular routine. The exercise becomes easier, muscle soreness is reduced and it takes less time to recover. It becomes more enjoyable after a few weeks. There is less pain and more pleasure. You notice the benefits and start associating exercise with good things.

Getting started is the hard part. You can make the transition easier. Instead of giving it 100% take it easy at first. This will help you avoid a lot of pain. When starting a new exercise routine I don't give it everything I have until I give my body a chance to adapt. Wait until you have done the exercise without experiencing a significant amount of muscle soreness before you try your best. I also recommend taking days off to allow your muscles time to fully recover. At first you will need a lot of time. You can increase the intensity, duration and frequency of your exercise later. If you ease into it there will be a lot less pain.

When sacrificing your time find time that is not usually used to its full potential. Use the exercise to reduce boredom. If you spend long periods of time sitting down watching TV, using the computer or playing games then giving up an hour of sitting should not disrupt your schedule too much. You can exercise while you watch TV. If you don't spend an hour watching TV then you can do a quick intense workout for 15 minutes and then go back to your usually activities.

People don't start exercising regularly because they like exercise. The liking comes after. Most of the people that hate exercise don't exercise on a regular basis. If I did not exercise on a regular basis I would not like exercise either. People that like exercise are not that different from most of the people that hate exercise. The main difference is that the people that love exercise stuck with it long enough for it to become enjoyable. Exercise can be an enjoyable habit like watching TV. You just need to give it a chance.

Popular Ways To Exercise

When a lot of people enjoy an exercise it becomes popular and stays popular. For instance biking outside. If you need ideas just pay attention to what other people are doing. Go to a public place that people go to for fun. People go to parks and beaches to have fun. So almost all the people you see exercising there are doing it because they like doing it. They don't go there to do something they hate.


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    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico

      I would never hate exercise. I am an absolute sports lover and enjoy every kind of exercise I engage in. I imagine that people who hate exercise have no idea of how great it makes you feel and how fulfilling and fun it can be. Great that you are encouraging them to get involved in some kind of exercise.

      I could add that maybe their diets are keeping them down energetically speaking. I know eating too many refined carbs has the effect of not wanting to move a finger.