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How To Have Faith In Yourself

Updated on April 3, 2018

How Do You Feel?

There comes a point in time in life when you feel like you are not good enough. It could be due to many reasons and how to get back up is determined by your own will and motivation. It's important to understand the reasons why you are losing faith in yourself so that you are able to know yourself better and select ideal ways of getting back up. The following are approaches on how to have faith in yourself.

Change Your Perception

Sensitivity levels determine how we perceive ourselves or other people. Sensitivity is the involvement of our emotions. It is the extent of how much of our emotions are affected by other opinions or sayings. Being too sensitive, you may jump to conclusions which leads to misunderstandings and hurt. Everyone has a different perspective of what opinion has a small or big impact on them. What is small to someone can be perceived by big by someone else. For example, If you are a person who does not mind input from others, criticism would not be a problem. Before we make conclusions, it is important to understand the context we're in, the other person's point of view as well as to ask ourselves, are we being illogical to think that way? It may be because of something unfortunate that happened in the past that influence how you feel. That is why it helps to see something objectively without bias.

Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

Perhaps you wished for something more from yourself or another person but it did not work out. Well, some things don't fulfil our expectation. On the topic of perfectionism, if you are aiming to reach high standards, remember that it’s not easy because we all have our own limitations. Also, this is could be due to other people's needs or preferences, limited time, limited resources, things beyond our control and so much more!

Love Yourself

You know that other people's opinions affect you either because they are true or false. You can turn to friends and family for comfort but in the end, it is up to you to change the way you feel about yourself. You can either hate or love yourself. Think of what makes you special. However, if you're thinking of why you should have reasons to have faith in yourself and don't find any, don't worry! This is why it's good to have to put reasons aside and just accept yourself as you are. It is better than thinking hard about the reasons you should have faith in yourself. You know that you have yourself all along for a shoulder to cry on.

Be Patient

If you are working towards your goals and you feel like giving up, set a specific time to achieve them so that you know where you are heading. Goals do not automatically occur. You will need to stick to your budget and be patient during the process of working towards your goals.

Talk It Out

It's good to consult with someone who is trustworthy, experienced and willing to lend a listening ear. Bottling up your emotions can do emotional damage. Do not be afraid to speak up. Who knows, you may find that you're not alone.

Listen To Motivational Songs

Especially for music lovers, you would love to listen to motivational songs if you feel that nobody understands you. You may be tempted to listen to sad songs just to be on par with your feelings but this may not cheer you up at all. If you listen closely to lyrics of motivational songs, you will know that motivation comes from losing faith in yourself and you are not the only one.

Be Inspired By Other People

There are many successful people who faced challenges before they became famous. You could also think of your friends and family who managed to overcome challenges.


Restoring faith in yourself is not easy as I personally believe that we are constantly facing struggles, small or big. We are challenged to overcome them which is why I think it takes practice. By facing big challenges, you will learn to adapt to new challenges. So, cheer up and have a good day!

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Motivational Songs

I recommend listening to the following songs to lift up your spirits.

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld

Fight Song - Rachel Platten

The Remedy (I Won't Worry) - Jason Mraz

Feel free to let me know how you motivate yourself in the Comments section below

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew


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    • Li-Jen Hew profile image

      Li-Jen Hew 3 weeks ago

      Thanks Frank!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 3 weeks ago from Shelton

      Li-Jen... a hub to help guide you.. Love the concept

    • Li-Jen Hew profile image

      Li-Jen Hew 4 weeks ago

      Thanks Mactavers!

    • mactavers profile image

      mactavers 4 weeks ago

      Good points, but some examples of a few of the points would help.