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How To Have Strong Healthy Hair

Updated on December 24, 2014

We all know that having a well-balanced diet is essential for our health. But did you know that the same goes for our hair, which also need a mixture of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and iron in order to have strong, healthy hair?

Good hair nutrition starts with getting enough protein, which is the building block of our hair while complex carbohydrates help to assemble the proteins for hair growth. Other important vitamins and minerals include B complex, which is associated with energy production and building good hair and skin issues, folic acid, B12, and zinc.

Hair follicles can have low energy levels just like we do. Thus, it’s important to have a high protein meal at the start of each day. Consider the following food choices for your meals to give your hair the healthiest opportunity to grow and thrive.


If you do not have high cholesterol, try eating red meat twice a week for optimal hair health. Besides having the protein that your hair needs, it also contains B vitamins, iron and zinc, which are important minerals for healthy hair.


Salmon is another great source of protein, together with B vitamins,including B12, and other vitamins and minerals and works great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Eggs and egg whites

For vegetarians or those who cannot eat red meat due to dietary restrictions, eggs and egg whites will provide their protein needs.

Brown Short-Grain Rice

Complex carbohydrates is needed together with your protein source at meals. Brown short-grain rice is an ideal choice and also a good source of B vitamins and some fiber. Whole grain choices complement your protein consumption by helping to organize proteins for the hair to utilize for optimal growth and health.


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