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How To Keep Your Bootcamp Clients Motivated During Periods Of Bad Weather?

Updated on January 7, 2014

There was a time when regular people equated 'Bootcamps’ to yelling instructors with an uncanny resemblance to drill-sergeants and strict military-like regime. However, today Bootcamps are immensely popular as they offer the perfect all-round fitness routine and made fun by the support and camaraderie one gets by fellow participants. Most people join Bootcamps because they prefer to have a detailed, effective workout chalked out for them and feel motivated and accountable in the environment provided, specifically designed for achieving one’s personal fitness goals.

However, most fitness Bootcamps concentrate on outdoor exercises as these are considered best to boost metabolism, increase energy levels and provide challenging workouts without using a lot of gym equipment. This is why; Bootcamp instructors find themselves in a glitch when bad weather outside doesn’t allow outdoor activities. So, how to keep your Bootcamp clients motivated during periods of bad weather?

Sometimes, weather conditions like snow, rain and storms force Bootcamp instructors and coaches to cancel outdoor classes for the safety of everyone. However, it’s important to know how to keep the clients motivated by still offering information or indoor training using creative ways so that clients stay inspired and on track. Here are some ideas to schedule make-up classes when the weather doesn’t allow outdoor activity.

Get Back To the Basics

Most people who join Bootcamps are fitness enthusiasts. However, not everyone truly understands the role of fitness and exercise in one’s life. While people are aware that being fit and healthy helps fight diseases and improve the quality of their life, most people exercise to lose weight or maintain their weight. It’s important for people to understand that exercise doesn’t just make you look good, but also provides innumerable health benefits in the long run.

It’s a good idea to schedule a class explaining the complexities of what really happens within our bodies when we exercise regularly, as most participants don’t truly appreciate the real implications of fitness. Bootcamp instructors have firsthand knowledge of which exercises and workouts are best for the body and why, and they can take this opportunity to explain to the participants how working on each muscle group (by relating it to the itenary of their Bootcamp schedule) helps them get not just a sculpted and toned body, but also achieve better physical and mental health.

Practice Some Calisthenics

Since most Bootcamps don’t require participants to bring anything more than an exercise mat and a towel, and have only some basic weights in their indoor workout areas, Calisthenics are the perfect workout for bad weather days. The beauty of calisthenics is that these help build strength and endurance, without requiring any equipment at all. Since calisthenics require nothing more than body-weight for a whole body workout, these are easy to perform anytime, anywhere.

As an experienced Bootcamp Instructor, pick up the best body-weight exercises and always have handy an effective 'calisthenics workout chart’ ready to keep clients challenged and motivated even though they are working out indoors. Calisthenics offer a complete body workout, while they also enhance flexibility and improve muscle tone; all of which comes in handy for the participants to successfully complete their Bootcamp fitness training. Calisthenics bring out stupendous results in muscle strength and muscle tolerance, and adding light weights to the exercises will also help burn a lot of calories for a Weight-loss Bootcamp.

Stress on the Importance of Nutrition

Most Bootcamps are all about fitness. Participants follow a rigorous workout routine which includes hardcore aerobic exercises coupled with some muscle building workouts to achieve well-rounded functional fitness. But, what about the role played by nutrition to achieve good health? Every fitness enthusiast knows that real fitness can only come from a combination of regular exercise and good nutrition, which is why a bad-weather day may be the perfect chance to hold a special class that stresses on the importance of a well-balanced diet.

Keep clients engaged by holding interactive classes and quizzes which help them understand which food groups to include in their diet. Additionally, as a fitness professional, most Bootcamp instructors have firsthand knowledge about which Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats are better than others, what is the best time to eat a meal and which food group to eat in every meal. Such a class is the ideal opportunity to impart this knowledge. Teach participants about how to choose the right diet and why, so that they have a more practical, in-depth knowledge of the importance of nutrition. Such a class is truly beneficial in the long run, as the right diet will ensure participants have more energy and stamina to complete their Bootcamp training successfully.


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