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How To Know You Are An Addict

Updated on April 23, 2011

Do not be anyones until you are your owns!!

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Are You A Drug Addict

Addiction to drugs does not have an age group, or rather your male or female. Addiction is an ugly disease that creeps up on you and you may not even notice the tell tale signs of the addiction. 

Not one person in this world tried or started taking drugs in hopes of becoming addicted. Some people can try drugs and get lucky and do not become an addict. However, more than that will become an addict. For whatever reason you may have tried a drug, you were trying to feel " Better ".  Maybe it did make you feel better, until you woke up with the regret of using, and the money you have spent.

There are numerous signs and symptoms of addiction. You just must look through the haziness your looking through while using. There are so many signs, such as 

  • Loss of control in your life
  • Craving daily - wondering when you can and will get the drug of choice or alcohol
  • Dysphoric - and agitation
  • Denial - Believing  you do not need the drug or alcohol. Then do not use for a day and more. See how well you do with the craving. 

Using drugs and alcohol daily is a sign, or the changes in you. Feeling you cannot make it through the day without it. Or finding different reasons why  you need the drug so you can make it through whatever problem you can come up with to make it okay in your mind. 

You do not have to live like this. Addiction not only is VERY dangerous for you as you can go to jail, lose your children if you have any, your family will be affected, your friends will no longer be near you. But the worse of this disease, yes addiction is a disease, you could die at any given time. Just because you did the drug yesterday and you lived does not matter. Why? Because, it will depend on the brain, if the chemicals in your brain has any change you may very well die. As you know you cannot tell the brain chemical changing. 

Please do the quiz below and if you are answering yes to any or all then you need to seek help to kick either the drug addiction, or the alcoholism. 

Are you a drug Addict. I am sure what has been written has touched many of you already, but can you HONESTLY pass the quiz? 

Please answer all questions truthfully. If you answered yes to more than 5 questions You need to seek help.

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  • worldssweetest profile image

    worldssweetest 6 years ago from Indiana

    Thanks Beverly. I am glad to hear that as coffee is so much better then what others are using right now. Thank you for stopping by here to !