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How To Live A Simple Life And Be Happy

Updated on August 18, 2013

Live Simple Be Happy: Possible?

  • How to live a simple life and be happy?
  • What are the secrets of living simple?
  • Is it possible to live simple?
  • How to live a simple live and still be happy?
  • How to be happy?
  • Is it possible to live simple but be happy?

I wonder how many people in this world don’t have this question about life. Many would say no one knows the answers. But believe me there are people who leads a simple life and know how to be happy living simple and I will unfold the secrets to be happy living simple in this hub from my real life experience.

Live Simple to Be Happy

We hardly can imagine living a simple life with no worries of unnecessary bills to pay. We are always wondering how you will pay those huge bills at the end of the month. We are living paycheck to paycheck.

But most of this could be avoided if we were to only think about things before we go out and possibly buy something we really know we can't afford. We could be happier if we could simplify our life. But living simple is beyond our imagination. We hardly try to simplify our life and wonder much about how to be happy.

I'm sure many of us have done this exact thing, including myself. We have bought something that we know deep in our hearts we couldn't afford, but we want it so bad we go over our heads and buy just to make us happy.

How to live a simple life is quite simple if you really put your mind to it and think of ways to cut down or downsize your material things.

I have learned that buying just to buy and maybe to show off to the family and friends is not worth the outcome of being in debt.

Sometimes less is more in life and that being said, if you ask someone that has really nothing in life if they are happy and I bet most would say they are happy though they don’t even know the high thought formulas of how to be happy.

These people have really nothing expensive like the fancy car, houses and so on, but they have stress free living and that's worth more than anything money can buy. They live a simple life and living simple has been their secret to be happy.

Material Things and Happiness

Sometimes people think that if they have all the best things in life, material wise, it will make them happier. This may be for some that can afford these fine things, but for the ones that can't afford them, but still buy to be happy for few moments, could be disastrous in the end.

Yes, they have bought their dream item that have wanted for so long knowing they can't afford it and now comes the first of many monthly payments. Now these same people that were so happy to buy their dream item are not so happy to have to pay for it over the next several years.

Living simple anyone can do if they are willing to cut back on certain things in the life and just be satisfied with what they have.


This word scares many of people due to the fact that it cost so much money nowadays to just live day to day never less, living the rest of your life in retirement without work income coming in as a weekly paycheck. Yes, I know that people have funds set up for their retirement, but even that is not a for sure thing these days and it is very scaring. But, people habituated to live a simple life will still be happy even after retirement. So, make the habit of living simple.

Ideas of Simple Living

Spend Less: Think before you buy. Ask yourself do I really need this or do I just want it? Simplify your life. To live simple is the first secret to be happy.

Save Your Pennies: My Grandfather always said to me when I was young, "save your pennies for a rainy day" and I never understood what that meant, but I sure do now. You never know when you may need a little extra money when something comes up unexpectedly. Saving is the philosopher’s stone of simple living that turn the simple life into a happy life.

Make A Game Plan: Living simple is not easy. Simple living needs dedication and patience. To live simple first you have to know what to want in life. Making a game plan is a start in figuring out what exactly you need and what you can do without. By doing this you will be amazed how you can survive without so many things you thought you needed. Planning is the key to be happy living simple.

Cleaning and Throwing Out: Start to clean out and throw out all unneeded things. I was always told by my Father, "If you have to look at something twice, then you don't need it. By doing these things will not only give you room, but make your living space more desirable to live in. Again, I have repeat, simplify your life.

Downsize: By downsizing, meaning if you have that expensive car along with the $500, 00 to $700.00 payment per month, eat your pride and get something more affordable and maybe pay cash for it. Both automobiles will get you from A to B the same way. Live simple, be happy.

Less Eating Out: Stay home and cook your meals instead of eating out. This will save a substantial amount of money per week, but do treat yourself once in a while, if and only if you can afford to go out to eat.

Start in figuring out what exactly you need and what you can do without. By doing this you will be amazed how to live a simple life and be still be happy. You can survive without so many things that you thought you needed. Planning is the key to living simple and being happy.

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© 2010 Mark Bruno


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