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How To Lose Weight As You Vacation - Weight Loss Tips Without Starving

Updated on September 3, 2017
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Holidays are the time for good food, fun and enjoyment! No matter, where you travel and what you do, you should always find a bit of time for exercising to stay fit and healthy. You need not necessarily need your gym equipment or your trainer - all you need is motivation and dedication to exercise. You can mix and match some exercises so that every part of your body is addressed to. So, if you are on a holiday or planning to go for one, keep in mind that exercises should be a part of your daily routine. Here are some great exercise options to try out.

Lose Weight As You Holiday
Lose Weight As You Holiday

Freehand Jump Squats

These easy jump squats do not need any special equipment or gym; they help in working out your legs and help to keep your flexibility perfect. Traditional and effective body-weight squats are highly effective where you simply move up and downwards from the squat position. However, those who are fortunate enough to have strong legs, this movement is not going to be tough. You can jump at least 10-12 times for one set. Take a break and continue. You can do at least 8-10 sets as you start working out. If you repeat this exercise at least three times in a day, whenever you find time, it will help you in losing a lot of weight.

Jump Squat

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

A great movement for your biceps and back. This is about opposing the pushing movement as and when push-ups are done. As this exercise is done, one should focus on squeezing from the working arm's shoulder blade, so that there is plenty of focus on back. You need to ensure that you are not allowing momentum to lift which will ease your workout and not make it effective. You have to maintain the same type of back position throughout the exercise routing. You should not let your working side lift higher than supportive arm. You should complete ten repetitions before you switch sides.

Brisk Walking

One of the most popular ways to stay fit during holidays is through brisk walking. This is the way you will get a feeling that you are enjoying your holidays. This is one of the best workouts when you are visiting a hill station. Walking uphill is a beneficial way to lose weight. Start early in the morning and let the fresh morning air rejuvenate you. Walk as fast as you can, with the main intention of increasing your heart rate. This is when you will be able to burn more calories and keep your metabolism going. Brisk walking for twenty minutes in a day will help you stay fit and healthy during holidays.

Stair Case Climbs

Another great way to workout when you cannot hit the gym. Climb stairs fast in intervals of time. This will increase your heart rate and keep your metabolism strong while keeping you healthy and fit when holidaying. Do not use the elevator as you workout - this is a good way to lose extra calories as you workout.

How To Do Brisk Walking

Push-Ups With Feet Elevated

Push ups are good for your chest. However, if you are a fitness freak and you have a strong upper body this might not be challenging enough for you. For anyone who does not find it challenging enough, push-ups with higher intensity can be challenging. For this, you need to raise your feet on a surface and keep your body at decline. If you have an exercise ball, you can use it too which helps in stimulating your abs to a great extent.

Dirty Dogs

This is a great exercise which targets the glutes and hips. You can do this exercise in a number of variations. You can do an easier version by rotating any of your legs as you are on your knees. If you wish to try an intense or engaging version, you need to get into a completed pushup position. Rotate your legs far away from your body. You can then cross it. Repeat until you start feeling tired.

So, what are you waiting for? No more excuses about not being able to workout during holidays!

How To Do Pushups


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