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How To Make A Flower Essence

Updated on June 19, 2013
Creating Coltsfoot Flower Essence
Creating Coltsfoot Flower Essence | Source

What is Flower Essence?

Flower Essence is quite literally the Essence of a flower, i.e. its essential and own unique “flowerness” above and beyond all else that which we would ordinarily recognise or sense as constituting a flower.

Flower Essence is a vibrational medicine which works on our spiritual body. We are already familiar with physical medicines which create chemical, enzyme or hormonal reactions within our physical body, or we have medicines such as aromatherapy oils which work with the senses creating reactions in our emotional body.

And then we have Flower Essences which work on the Essential bodies beyond the usual concept of the physical, emotional and mental realms.

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) Flowers
Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) Flowers | Source

How does it work?

The way in which “healing” works in the Essential realm is fairly subjective but effectively by taking in pure Essence of Flower which is representing something which we believe ourselves to be missing then we are once again exposing ourselves to that which we perceived we lacked.

In this way we remind and stimulate those parts of us which have become sluggish or forgotten or out of balance. Our Essential or Pristine nature is re-awakened if you will. In a similar way we might take anti- depressants to lift ourselves out of a slump for a sufficiently long enough period of time in order to us to become motivated enough to start lifting ourselves without the use of drugs, so too Flower Essences work with us by lifting us up into certain qualities.

We choose a particular flower because of the particular quality which it embodies in its Essence.

The Human Energy Field
The Human Energy Field | Source

Why use Essential medicine rather than conventional?

That would rather depend on who you are and what you are seeking but generally Flower Essences because of their Essential nature can be safely used right up alongside any other form of treatment.

Because of the Essential nature of Flower Essences they lend themselves very well to the holistic health approach to medicine. The outer or higher levels of our human bodies incorporate the physical, emotional and mental layers within, therefore robust health on the spiritual body immediately and implicitly manifests health to the physical.

However, if the mind is not part of this process the manifestation of well being into the physical is quite often stopped at the mental body. If the very idea of Flower Essences creates a powerful objection in someone then they are unlikely to allow themselves to receive and enjoy the subtle benefits.

And from the other side of the coin, one has to take into account appropriateness too. If I have suffered a broken leg or just discovered a large brain tumour then my best option would clearly be a surgeon rather than a bottle of Flower Essence. However, if I had just discovered a large brain tumour I would most certainly be reaching for my Bach’s Rescue remedy to help me through the whole traumatic process.

Life is rarely so polarised and usually falls somewhere within the middle leaving each of us to make our own informed choices on an experience by experience basis.

It is fair to say that taking Flower Essences is unlikely to bring side effects or further problems when used in conjunction with modern medicines because it is just Essence and there are no chemicals to react with.

Saint John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum)
Saint John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) | Source

How can Flower Essence help me?

There are many different Flower Essences readily available and it is also easy to make your own.

There are many good books written about the most common Flower Essences and the purposes for which they are made, I don’t seek to try and repeat all of that valuable and extensive knowledge here.

The Essential qualities of the Flower Essence can be easily matched to the same properties they bring to more conventional medicines. For example: Saint John’s Wort’s Essence embodies its ability to assist in letting go and surrender.

Used as a massage oil on the physical muscles the Saint John’s Wort oil relieves stiff muscles by encouraging the release of old tensions and contractions which are representative of old emotions and thought forms (beliefs) on the emotional and mental levels. Saint John’s wort also plays an important role as an anti – depressant especially when taken by those suffering from SAD by encouraging the release of old emotions and thoughts which bring the sufferer down.

On the Essential level, Saint John’s Wort fulfils the same supporting role in transformational work, encouraging and promoting feelings of trust thereby allowing us to more easily step forward into a deeper light filled state of awareness and enormous strength indicative of spiritual growth.

It is very human to resist change but in the words of Goethe “Unless you are constantly dying and becoming, you are but a shadowy guest on a darkened earth.”

You can see how Flower Essences are quite symbolic in their qualities which makes them wonderfully flexible and easy to tune into, they don’t hold any absoluteness of right or wrong. If you have a particular favourite flower which symbolises something for you and you feel drawn to making your own Flower Essence then do it because that subtle intuitive feeling comes directly from the Essential level of your very own light body.

Making Coltsfoot Flower Essence
Making Coltsfoot Flower Essence | Source

How to make a Flower Essence.

In the early morning visit the blooms of which you would like to make an Essence, sit with them for a while and give gratitude for their gift. It is also nice to seek permission to use them too.

Without touching the flowers in any way use some small scissors to snip them directly into a clear glass bowl containing freshly drawn spring water.

Then place the bowl on the ground near to the original plant in direct sunlight.

Make sure that the bowl will not be disturbed.

After about 3 hours strain the mixture and keep the water.

Add some glycerine or alcohol to preserve it and bottle it in a dark glass bottle.

This is what’s known as the Mother Essence.

One tablespoon of Mother Essence mixed in a fluid ounce of spring water makes what’s known as the stock.

When mixing up doses add a tablespoon of stock to an ounce of spring water.

Mix up a small amount each time and bottle it into a small dark glass bottle with a dropper lid for ease of use. A few drops can be taken directly onto or under the tongue, or can be added to a glass of spring water. Flower Essence cannot be overdosed.

I keep all of my herbal remedies and Flower Essences in a cool dark place in dark glass bottles.

The Flower Essence which I made in these photos is Coltsfoot. Every spring when the long winter snow has finally melted away and the landscape seems barren and flat these bright yellow flowers seem to miraculously push their way through the brown ground and light up the world.

Coltsfoot is Mother Nature’s way of helping us to shed the old lingering phlegm and darkness of the winter’s passing, it makes an excellent tea for clearing out the chest and lungs. I felt inspired to take this beautiful Essence one stage further, to create what I call “A Light In A Dark Place”

This was the inspiration behind my first experiences into making my own Flower Essences and I hope it inspires you too.


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