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How To Make Each Day Count In Your Life

Updated on June 27, 2011

Live Each Day As If There Were No Tomorrow

As we all know that each one of us have a life that is so precious. Sometimes we tend to forget what God has given us and many of us forget to thank God for everything we have including life.

How to make each day count in your life depends on each individual and just what you want out of your own life.

Do you really realize just how fortunate we are to be able to wake up each and every morning to a new day. A day that might be full of surprises, disappointments, and than for some sadness, but we must deal with those and make that day count in your life. Don't run away for your problems, face them head on.

Everyday can not be like a bed of roses, but no matter what happens on any given day we need to make the best of it and deal with disappointments, sadness and worries. This is all part of life and some of us, or I should say many of us, can not handle the road blocks or the hurdles we must overcome in our lives.

We need to live each day like there was no tomorrow and whatever steps in our way we must deal with and not run from it. Deal with your problems, correct what's wrong and then move on.

Some people can't handle the obstacle's in life and they turn to other sources thinking that all will be fixed. As you know, most turn to drugs or alcohol, the fix all problem solution right?

You know as well as I do, that this fix all solution only works for the short time, and when all sobered up the problem or problems are still there and sometimes worse than when you decided to wash them away with drugs or alcohol.

When we wake in the morning, just be happy that our eyes have opened and we see daylight once more and make the best out of your day ahead. Plan your day and live each second of it with happiness and joy. I know for many of us, it's really hard to do so because so many people do have health problems, sicknesses in their families and I do realize it is hard to be happy, but you have to make the best out of each day, it's a must.

Think to yourself, this is going to be a wonderful day and just live it the best you can considering all the different circumstances many people have to deal with each day.

Life is a beautiful thing and we should live it to the fullest and the best we can. Be happy to be alive and thank God for every minute we are here on earth.



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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Pritam, Thanks for your comment and yes life is too short and so many people, including myself abuse our own lives with things such as drugs and alcohol.Thank God I am sober now!!!

    • profile image

      Pritam 5 years ago

      Life is short and we forget this aphorism. I spent 2 years of high school in utter seclusion and being reserved from other people. Yes! I lost the two most precious years and I remorse and lament in grief when I reminisce those days. In order, to live better, stay simple and follow your heart and live life with the intents to make others happy. You might fail, but your insightful feelings will energise you with contention all through the following moments to come. Thank God, and remember Him.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      gajanis786 , Thank you for reading this hub and for your kind words.

    • gajanis786 profile image

      gajanis786 6 years ago

      Excellent soul shaking hub....yes it's a fact that one can only make every day a perfect day in the life by counting the limitless Blessings of God and thanking Him for all His generosities.....also one should think of those who are not blessed and are in struggling phases of will surely make us more humble and will induce inside us a sense of caring for others who are in need.Thanks.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Michael, Thank you for your comment and kind words. Congrats for staying clean and sober for so long. Keep up the great work! It is a great feeling to be sober isn't it.

    • Michael Conley profile image

      Michael Conley 6 years ago from Fresno, California

      Beautiful Hub,I started my road to sobriety ten years ago I did well even though the road was hard.Five years ago after a short relapse I met my partner and thank god every day for him and my sobriety and try to be a better person then I was the day before. Thank you for this wonderful Hub.