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How To Make Every Day Feel Like A Weekend Without Quitting Your Day Job

Updated on June 18, 2013

Do you live for the weekends?

Are you one of those people feeling low on Monday and being full of beans on Friday? You do what is expected from you, your job and house chores, but you feel like a robot and you only start living when the weekend finally comes.

If it’s true for you, then tell me why are you wasting over 20 years of your life?

20 years on autopilot

If you live for the weekends, then your life starts on Friday afternoon after work. It means that around 2/3 of your entire week goes without noticing. If a person works for 30 years on average before retiring, then 2/3 of this comes to 20 years that are completely wasted.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you have to work to earn the living, all those things and tasks clearly need to be done, and there is simply no time for anything else but then tell me, what is so different about the weekend that you actually look forward to it?

What do you do differently on the weekend that makes it count?

If you’ve got a family with kids, you won’t get much rest on the weekend - there is always something that requires your attention. Still you find it much more relaxing and rewarding comparing to a working week day. It’s not that much about activities but more about your attitude or the way you see things, isn’t it?

You may argue that you don’t go to work or that you can sleep longer, although for those of you with small kids the latter is not true for sure. People I know usually catch up with house chores and other activities over their weekends so even though it’s not a job that pays their bills, it’s still a work to do. Yet it doesn’t make them want the weekend less.

"Lost time is never found again." B. Franklin
"Lost time is never found again." B. Franklin | Source

How to make every day count?

So if this is mainly the attitude that makes those two days count, how could we make it happen for all week long? How can you make every day count and get back 20 years of your life? There are many ways but the key here is having something to look for. This is what makes Saturday and Sunday so special - you look forward to something.

It might be a longer lie in on Saturday morning or a trip you have planned for weeks. It could be a Sunday family dinner, a casual walk in the forest or just quality time with your nearest and dearest. Those things have special meaning to us but they are not hard to achieve, still they make our day.

What if each day was like Saturday or Sunday, a day to look forward to? To make it happen you only need to make them special in some way. Come up with something you will only do on Mondays or only have on Thursdays - things important for you, something that would be worth waiting for.

Let’s look at some ideas to give your brain a food for thoughts.

Cinema Mondays

If you are an avid fan of movies, you will know they look better on a big screen. Make Monday your Cinema day then. Plan it in advance so you will have something to wait for, or if you prefer surprises just ask you partner to pick something for both of you without telling you. Sometimes you may want to be more spontaneous and just show up in the cinema and pick something randomly. With a big coke and cinema popcorn or other favourite snack it will definitely make your day.

Not a cinema fan? How about a play in a theatre or a classical music concert? I personally love live musicals but they are not changing that often as movies so it becomes monthly or bi-monthly treat.

Weekly Topic Inspiration on Tuesday

If you are addicted to HubPages like many of us here, then you probably look forward to Tuesday because of the Weekly Topic Inspiration announcement. Do you wonder what will they come up with, if you will like it or not? Do you hope it will trigger a flood of ideas in your mind for new, brilliant hubs?

Not an author or prefer writing on your own topics? Then perhaps there is a weekly column in your favourite magazine you enjoy reading or one of your favourite bloggers has a habit of posting new article on Tuesday. If so, leave it to the end of the day, sit comfortably with a cuppa and immerse yourself in a reading.

Wednesday Active day

Do you like swimming, dancing or ice-skating? Or maybe you always wanted to learn those skills but never had a time for it? The Wednesday evening is a perfect opportunity. Pick a swimming pool, ice-rink or a dance class that looks attractive to you and have fun. It’s important to enjoy yourself so choose only those activities that you find pleasurable. Any of the above is also a great opportunity for quality time with a partner or your kids.

If you are easily bored then you may pick something completely different for each Wednesday or something that you’ve never tried before. Quite recently I have found the trampoline classes for adults in nearby sports centre – how cool is that to be a child again and jump up to the ceiling freely.

Playing memory game
Playing memory game | Source

Thursday Social Club

If you like spending time with your friends or family then Thursday evening might be the best for a meet with girls over a low fat pizza ( I’m sure someone invented it already) or with guys over a pint of Ale (or other favourite drink). You can share stories and laughter, feel the bond and enjoy the atmosphere.

If you are more of a family person then why not ask your family over for a special dinner and play some board games with them instead of watching TV. Or if they live far away, make it a weekly call evening and gossip on the phone. I’m sure it won’t cost you the earth with so many free calls packages available. You can also use Skype or similar solution and have the vision coming along with the voice.

I must say that invention of Skype is a real bliss for me as it allows me to see my baby niece growing and I’m not a total stranger to her either.

Night out on Friday

And you finally hit Friday. Most of you would treat it as part of the weekend already and have something special lined up. If you are not in that group why not do something about it? It’s usually a good night for going out, to a dance club or to a restaurant with your partner.

If you prefer quietness of your own home, you could join virtual chat rooms for some gossiping, or game clubs to play poker or bingo. You could buy a ticket in the morning for Friday lottery draw, and spend the day fantasising about the way you could spend your winnings.

Create moments worth remembering

Whatever you choose to do, make it special and enjoy it immensely. There is no point in doing something just for a sake of spending time, live the moment. And if you believe you are too busy to spend whole night out or cannot really go to the cinema, do something else instead.

It could be a favourite TV series for you to watch, a mysterious midnight walk or a luxury bath with candles and a glass of wine. There is always something you can do to make your day count and enjoy living the life to the full. Don’t waste your life, it’s the only one you’ve got and nobody else can live it for you.


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    • Ania L profile image

      Ania L 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      You are very welcome @prasetio30, yes there are countless things one can do to make the day special. I'm looking forward to my next musical night out and also cannot wait till Winter when there will be a Holiday on Ice show.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

      There are many activities we can do to make every day feel like a weekend. And you have nice list to be followed. Very inspiring hub and thanks for share with us. Vote up!

      Love and peace, prasetio