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How To Make Yourself Throw Up

Updated on August 8, 2016

No one likes to throw up, but there are times when it is unavoidable. Throwing up is the body's natural response to the introduction of unwanted substances or irritation in the bowels. Generally, this type of vomiting is harmless.

When you eat something that makes you feel nauseous, the simplest thing to do is throw it up, instead of enduring the pain and suffering that comes with an upset stomach. It is advisable to take care while throwing up, this is because the process can be somewhat uncomfortable. You could hurt your throat while throwing up or do irreversible damage to the body.

Is Forcing Yourself To Vomit A Good Idea?

There is several conflicting advice on medical websites about when it is suitable to throw up and when it is not. However, if you ingest any dangerous substances or spoilt food, the first reasonable thing to do would be to forcefully throw up the unwanted food or substance.

Some people might prefer seeing a doctor, but depending on how dire the situation, throwing up can prevent fatal health complications. If you swallow poisonous substances, throwing up is part of the first aid measures that should be taken. It can make a difference between life and death.

Throwing Up To Lose Weight, Should I Try It?

Making yourself throw up is vital if you consume poisonous substances. Getting the substance out of your system quickly can save your life. But, choosing to throw up so that you can eliminate food is not a lifestyle choice supported by medical experts. There are medical consequences and negative side effects of throwing up for weight loss.

Even though it is an effective way to jumpstart your weight loss goals, when you throw up, you deprive their body of essential minerals. Your body will not get the required nutrients as the food never makes it through the digestive system. Your body is forced to use up its reserves to compensate for the loss of nutrients.

Also, a deficiency of minerals can result in dull skin, hair loss, and has a negative effect on the internal organs and the entire function of the body.

In a study conducted at the Pittsburgh Human Feeding Laboratory, 18 bulimics were asked to binge and throw up as they normally would do, while the calories they vomited were carefully monitored.

At the end of this clinical study, researchers computed the calories purged and compared it to the number of calories eaten. They found that while the typical binge consisted of 2131 calories, the girls just managed to throw up an average of 979 calories.

So even if you tried throwing up all the food you eat, the odds are that your body will try as much as possible to absorb some of the calories consumed for survival purposes. When your body recognizes that food is being restricted, your metabolism lowers, and you instantly convert the calories you do consume into fat stores. Your body goes into survival mode.

10 Ways To Make Yourself Throw Up

Before making yourself throw up, ensure that you prepare yourself and your surroundings to prevent making a mess. Doing it in a plastic bag or toilet are common preferences.

Sit in a comfortable position that places minimal pressure on your abdomen so that your muscles don't need to overwork themselves to expel the contents of your belly. If it's possible to do so, gargle with water between spells of vomiting to eliminate belly acid or food fragments from your throat. If you are looking for how to make yourself throw up, here are a few successful methods to help you:

1. Use Emetics

Use emetics with water. This is an effective and safe way to throw up, but it may cause some stomach discomfort too.

2. Use Your Fingers

Wash your hands first and insert your index finger into your throat. Make sure you touch the uvula as this will produce a nauseous feeling, make you throw up.

3. Watch Someone Else Throw Up

This will make you want to throw up; mostly out of disgust. But, it is a rarity to see someone throwing up, as this is usually done in private. To solve this dilemma, look for media online that can achieve the same purpose.

4. Overeating

Eating a lot is another method to induce vomit. It's not so simple because you have to eat a lot to get you to the point of wanting to throw up.

5. Salt Solution

Simply add some salt to water and drink some of it. This is an unconventional method, but has been used by a lot of people to induce vomit.

6. Mustard Water or Ipecac Syrup

Mustard water and ipecac syrup both operate efficiently to cause immediate vomiting. Make sure you talk to your physician before using ipecac syrup.

7. Make Yourself Dizzy

Whatever makes you dizzy can inevitably cause vomiting. Without causing injury to yourself, try spinning around for a long time or any other type of activity that will cause dizziness. In some cases, you will still need to use your index finger to finish off.

8. Sensory Stimulus- Certain conditions, smells, food, etc., can cause nausea resulting in vomiting. Getting intoxicated and then using your index finger can cause vomiting. Eating something which you do not enjoy can also help.

9. Visually Disgusting Things

Looking at sputum, poop, vomit, phlegm, etc., is actually disgusting and can help you throw up.

10. Gargle With Egg Whites

Somewhat beat 2 to 3 egg whites and slowly gargle until the gag reflex is set off. The smell and texture of the egg white can cause vomiting.

What To Do After You Vomit

Vomiting is not a very pleasant experience. After throwing up, there are certain things you can do to make the experience less distressful. Following the right steps will help your body recuperate faster; depending on why you threw up in the first place.

First off you need to make sure you are hydrated. Throwing up gets rid of lots of water in a short timeframe. So drinking lots of water is an excellent way get back the lost fluids. Make sure that the water is warm, but not hot will also help your body absorb it faster.

Eating soup a few hours after vomiting is also a good idea. A warm broth is better than very hot soup. If your tummy is very delicate, stick to warm water as you certainly don’t need to push it beyond its limits. However, consuming soup can help get the nutrients lost back into your body for faster recovery.

In some instances, you may throw up because you've worked out too intensely. This can happen with people who have a lower tolerance for exercise. If that's the case, then it's absolutely acceptable to drink a bottle of Powerade or Gatorade to get those vital electrolytes your body needs.

Now, of course, there's the issue of cleaning yourself up after you've vomited. Brushing your teeth is recommended. This helps to make sure the enamel is protected, and your breath is tolerable to those around you. Not brushing your teeth after vomiting can seriously destroy your teeth and if repeatedly done will cause some teeth to fall out.

Final Thoughts

There are some situations when inducing vomit isn't a suitable approach. If you're worried that you've ingested something toxic, contact poison control to ascertain the best recovery plan. Don't try to make someone else throw up who isn't conscious as this can cause them to choke. Remember, regular vomiting can deprive the body of essential nutrients and cause erosion of the teeth and esophagus from regular contact with stomach acid.


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