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How To Overcome Insomnia

Updated on June 16, 2012

Insomnia is the inability to either stay asleep or fall asleep. Among other things insomnia can affect a person’s quality of life, mood, health and daily functioning. It can either be chronic or might be experienced in isolated events. There are a number of factors that lead to insomnia. These factors range from psychological to physical.

To effectively overcome insomnia, you may need to implement environmental, psychological or behavioral changes.

Here are a number of things that you could do to overcome insomnia:

Getting Rid of Stress

If you cannot sleep, it is recommended that you get out of bed and go to and go to another room and find yourself something to read. This is a great distraction technique that will keep your mind from worrying concerns. Dim the lights as you read and once you start feeling sleepy, go back to bed in another room.

Teach yourself how to relax. This can be achieved by learning a number of relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation. This way an individual is able to deal with anxiety- or stress-induced insomnia.

Keeping a stress log of your stressors is also an effective way of coping with the stress-causing agents in your life. This involves keeping a daily updated log of situations that stress you and how you respond to them. By keeping a record of issues that stress you, you can begin to learn how to effectively deal with stressful situations and thus overcome insomnia.

Changing Routines

If you multitask your bedroom as an office too, it could be a reason why you are having sleepless nights. Use your bedroom only to sleep in and perhaps you might observe a change. Maintain a consistent schedule as far as going to bed and waking up are involved.

If the insomnia is induced by environmental factors such as noise, you could reduce the noise by using earplugs or you could opt for a sleeping mask if the distraction is visual in nature.

Despite the above remedies, if you suffer from extreme insomnia you should look to seek advice from a physician.


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