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How To Overcome Phobias

Updated on April 30, 2014
Overcoming phobias is not always easy
Overcoming phobias is not always easy

Overcoming phobias, fears and traumas

How to overcome phobias? Phobia means an unexplained fear for something -- be it a situation or any object. Usually phobia can be overcome when the basic reason for it is found out. But till then the mind stresses over this unexplained fear and even affects our normal daily routine. So how can you overcome phobias?

First of all, you need to find out the cause for your phobia. Why do you behave in the way you do? Why are you afraid of certain things the way you are? You need to find the answer to these questions. After finding out the answers, your subconscious mind relaxes because it has finally found the answer it was looking for. This also enables you to face your phobias fearlessly. Finding out the cause is not always easy. Sometimes you might need the help of an expert like a clinical psychologist to find out the truth.

There is a belief that phobias, fears are traumas are a result of a spilled over effect from your previous life. If you believe in Karma, then you might be aware of the fact how your past life incidents are responsible for the way you act and behave in this life. For such people who believe in reincarnation swear by the healing properties of Past Life Regression.

This page will tell you how to overcome phobias and how to get some help regarding the same.

God lends a helping hand to those who tries hard to help himself first
God lends a helping hand to those who tries hard to help himself first

Ask For Help!

If you cannot overcome your fears all by yourself, do not hesitate to ask for help! If you are frightened of dogs, then ask a person who does not have this fear to groom, feed and play with his/her dog in front of you. By witnessing such a scene regularly, you can control or better yet minimize your fears. Do not try to face your fears in a single step -- that NEVER works. Instead go in stages. For example, in the case of phobia for dogs Stage 1 can be asking someone else for help. Stage 2 can be you witnessing him/care take care of the dog. Stage 3 can be getting into a closer proximity to the dog and so on.

Of course, this method does not work for all situations -- but has proved useful for many others in overcoming phobias. Do not feel ashamed of asking for help. Many people hesitate to get help from others when it comes to their own problems. If you feel you need some help -- ask for it! If you do not have a clue on how to overcome phobias, then again -- ask for help!

"Most intellectuals today have a phobia of any explanation of the mind that invokes genetics" -  Steven Pinker
"Most intellectuals today have a phobia of any explanation of the mind that invokes genetics" - Steven Pinker

Systematic Desensitization

Systematic desensitization is a therapy which is used by psychologists to treat phobias.

This method makes use of 3 major steps -

  1. Identifying the causes of your phobia and arranging them from weakest to strongest.
  2. Relaxing in a comfortable position.
  3. And, finally desensitization.

After identifying the causes, this mode of therapy requires you to relax in a comfortable position. Then concentrate on the weakest cause of your phobia. When you feel you can't face it, try visualizing it again and again till you feel fearless about facing it. Repeat this procedure for each cause and visualize them until you are able to conquer your fears in a better manner. This is the process of how to overcome phobias with systematic desensitization.

How To Overcome Your Phobias With Hypnosis

A more common and popular method is using hypnosis to overcome your fears, phobias and traumas. Many clinical psychologists practice hypnosis and with their guidance you can find the truth that lies behind your phobia. This method is best suitable for those people who would like help from a certified expert. If you feel nothing is able to help you out in overcoming your fears, then go for this option!

You might even want to try out Past Life Regression. PLR is a tool which uses hypnosis to heal patients from phobias if is related to their past life incidents. For example, a famous Indian celebrity - Mahima Chaudhary - reported being extremely scared of travelling by cars. A renowned Past Life Regression certified expert used hypnosis to find out that this fear actually spilled over from her past life event wherein she was killed from a car accident. It comes as a surprise how PLR has been able to treat many people from their phobias. It is also an exciting venture to get into because exploring new information about yourself hidden in the subconscious mind is something which is tempting for many.

Overcoming Extreme Phobias


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