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How To Prevent Arthritis As We Age...

Updated on February 11, 2015

Arthritis Can Affect Different Joints In the Body

Arthritis Can Affect Many Joints in the Body
Arthritis Can Affect Many Joints in the Body

I am too busy to have Arthritis Slow Me Down!

If you are like most people I know, you're much busier than I am. I often think of my folks when pondering this. Here's two people who worked full time (and sometimes a lot of over-time), raised two kids, and did all the other stuff we typically do and that goes along with this.

Now that they're retired and living in Florida, it's hard to imagine, but they're more busy now. Now it might be going here to play cards, attending an event, meeting friends for lunch, golfing, and maybe part time work, to name a handful.

That being said: "Motion Is Life"... When we stop, or at least become much more sedentary, it isn't always the best. You see movement helps nutrients in our bodies to get where they need to go. Not only that, if we sweat, and breathe in more oxygen we are detoxing the bod as well.

Why Do So Many People Retire Somewhere Warm?

Temper change, as well as severe cold does seem to not feel so great. A warmer, and less fluctuating climate is a bit easier on the body. Not only because there is less of a falling on ice risk, and there's no shoveling to do, but because less change is easier for the body to adjust too.

We also get important nutrients like Vitamin D, possibly year round. You can also get good fresh produce year round because of the weather. Not only that; there's many benefits of soaking in salt water - if you're near the ocean anyway.

Here in Connecticut, you can go to ocean for a couple months out of the year? If

Living in Florida Because of Your Arthritis...Many Are

Yes...there is a reason why so many people retire to where its warmer.
Yes...there is a reason why so many people retire to where its warmer. | Source

Have You Seen an X-Ray of Your Neck?

See results

Have You Seen An X-Ray of Your Neck?

Many of us these days even have a copy of the CD. Being part of the digital age everything is on the computer. I still remember having the big x-ray films... kind of a pain to lug around, plus you need a big light or xray view box to look at them good.

Clean x-ray

Notice the line or edges of the bones are clean.

The shapes of all the bones are intact too.

Here's What a Neck X-Ray looks Like...

Lateral View C-spine

Your neck is also referred to as your cervical or C-spine. This picture is a side or lateral view. X-rays are, of-course two dimensional. Often times your doctor will take this one plus the A-P (anterior-posterior) or, in other words front to back. They may also take an APOM (anterior-posterior open mouth). This moves the jaw out of the way to clearly see the 1st two vertebrae.

Joints that Are Affected By Arthritis

Areas Affected by Arthritis: Different Types of Joints are affected. For Example Ball and Socket types joints such as hips and shoulders. Also, Hinge Joints Such as Knees and Elbows. Also, Pivot Joints such as in the Neck

What is Arthritis?

There is a Reason why Arthritis Is a #1 Cause of Disability

Arthritis is Inflammation in the Joints and it affects almost 43 million Americans. Watch this video to see how arthritis happens in the joints and cartilage.

Symptoms of Arthritis

  • Loss of Motion in the Joints
  • Stiffness In the Joints
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Heat in the Joints

Tell us how you stay healthy with arthritis...

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