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How To Prevent & Cure Cold And Flu Fast

Updated on June 16, 2011

 Cold And Flu are viruses that conventional anti biotics can not cure. That said there are ways you can prevent and cure a cold or bout of the flu fast. Ever heard the phrase " prevention is better than the cure " ? Well that is the best way to ease you cold or minor flu symptoms from turning in to a full blown fever thats going to stop you in your tracks. Cold and Flu are spread from human to human by the atmosphere or by coming in to contact with an infected area. One big place to avoid getting infected with a cold is the gym. This is a breading ground for germs and one of the biggest places you'll come into contact with other people so to speak. Everytime you've been on a piece of equipment someone else has been on it before you. Gym's are cleaned regularly with antibacterial agents which help reduce the amount of bacteria spreading. Your body can handle dealing with the normal contact you come in to when have a session in the gym. Air conditioning at the gym is another big problem as this spreads germs all round the gym as with your work place air conditioning.

 By keeping yourself hydrated and eating natural foods your body will be able to handle dealing with what you will come into contact with. Increase your vitamin C, you can do this with dissovleble tablets or getting it naturally from fruit. If you have started a new fad diet or have drastically reduced what you eat then your immune system will suffer. Just by drinking more water and eating a normal diet and upping our vitamin C intake in times when colds affect the masses, this can be enough to keep the virus at bay Here we're going to look at what you can do to prevent and help cure it  fast if you suffer from a cold or flu longer than normal the you should see your doctor.


  •  Avoid places that many people have contact with such as the gym, or shared toilets. if you work in a large work place then carry some anti bacterial on your desk.
  • Clean You Computer, at home and work.
  • Clean your work telephone.
  • Reduce Stress. Stress will reduce your immune systems effectiveness Reducing stress can also help lose weight
  • Increase water intake. This boost the immune system and makes your organs work effeciently but will also help you lose weight, reduce stress and make your more focused. ( Water has endless benefits )
  • Avoid excessive alcohol which will dyhdrate you.
  • Keep Warm by wearing appropriate clothing ( Wear a coat on nights out ladies! )
  • Avoid the person at work with the lurgies.


  •  Increase Vitamin C
  • Have relaxing hot baths put some vix vapour menthol in the bath to help clear your nose and throat
  • Carry tissues not a hanky
  • Stay in don't go to work
  • Rest
  • Drink Water
  • Dose up on cold and flu remedies
  • Keep Eating
  • Wash your mouth with salt water or mouth wash to kill germs and bacteria ( this helps with toothache )
  • Have regular bath or showers 2 per day these will not only get rid of a snotty nose but will also lift your mood.


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