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How To Prevent Yeast Infections Naturally!

Updated on May 29, 2011
A picture of the Candida Albicans culture. The root cause of ALL yeast infections in the human body!
A picture of the Candida Albicans culture. The root cause of ALL yeast infections in the human body! | Source

How To Prevent Yeast Infections Naturally...

Preventing yeast infections is on a lot of peoples minds these days because it's all over the Internet. But what are they really asking? Are they asking us that they want to stop yeast infections, per se, or are they asking that they want to stop recurring yeast infections?

Another question that comes with the latter is, why are they experiencing recurring yeast infections? I mean, you took the vaunted,"1-day yeast infection treatment". What's the problem? Everything should be cleared up, right?

Well, we're going to get into why those products don't really work in one day and also what's really going on behind the scenes, Why the people concerned really keep getting these recurring yeast infections. On top of that we will explore some more natural ways to cure yeast infections. So let's begin, shall we?

The "One Day" Yeast Infection Treatment!

First of all, I have to tell you point blank: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ONE DAY YEAST INFECTION TREATMENT! OK, I'm glad that's off my chest. I know what the package says and I know what the commercial promises. But believe me, there is no such thing!

Even the manufacturer of these so-called "miracle products" will tell you in very small handwriting on the back of the product, and I quote:

"It's important to know that all yeast infections may take up to seven days to cure completely. So just because you are taking a 1-Day treatment does not necessarily mean your infection will be cured immediately. "Said companies" 1-Day treatments strong and effective formula works for days after to help cure your yeast infection."

What has happened to you is that you have fallen for a very clever marketing ploy. Think about it in relation to this world that we live in. Everybody wants things done RIGHT NOW! And when these anti-fungal creams first surfaced they told the truth. They advertised 7 day yeast infection treatments. But eventually another rival company put out the 3 day treatment, and then another company said, " Let's make a 1-day treatment!" Even though it takes more than 1 day!

But we all want the fastest treatment, right? We all want door to door service, right? Well sometimes fast is not the best way. Sometimes it's best to go slow and natural! Keep reading...please!

The Root Cause Of The Problem...

The root of the problem, the exact cause as to why you keep getting recurring yeast infections and why the "1 day treatment', isn't working is Candida Albicans. This naturally occurring fungus runs through every human being on the planet.

That's right, I said "Naturally Occurring." You have to look at it this way. You have good and bad fungus in your body. The reason why these over the counter treatments don't work for too long is because they kill ALL FUNGI!

"Your body is your temple", is a true statement. It's like a "Yin and Yang" type thing. You've got to have a balance of both the good and the bad fungi. The one keeps the other at bay, and if you kill them both. That's when you have the overgrowth of the bad fungus. That's when you have the myriad of symptoms related to candida.

Candida overgrowth has been linked to so many common ailments. from the superficial yeast infection to more serious diseases like cancer and AIDS. The bottom line is that a candida overgrowth can wreak serious havoc on your body if not treated successfully. But how do you do that without upsetting the natural flow of the body? Keep reading and I'll tell you friend!

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How To Prevent Yeast Infections Naturally...

So how do you prevent yeast infections naturally? Without the aid of those over the counter medications that can wreak havoc with your body's natural rhythm? Are you ready? Here it comes! You diet!

That's right! To prevent the constant irritation of those recurring yeast infections you will have to go on a diet. As much as you don't like the word "diet", there are certain things that you have to stay away from that actually feed the candida fungus. Those things are:

Sugar - Yeah! Sugar! Candida likes sugar just a s much as you do. Remember, this is a temporary thing. After experiencing a yeast infection your body needs time to get back in alignment, and a diet is just what the doctor ordered.

Alcohol - Yes. As crazy as it may sound, alcohol too feeds the fungus known as candida. So you have to stay away from it all! It doesn't matter, white liquor, brown liquor, beer, wine. It's all the same. Until your condition improves, I recommend that you stay away from it.

Yeast - In addition to eliminating the yeast from your liquid intake, you also have to eliminate it from your solid food intake. You have to stay away from the breads, the cheeses, the mushrooms. Just stay away from it all!

How To Prevent Yeast Infections Naturally...

So now that you know some of the things that you can do to prevent yeast infections naturally, the next move is yours. I know that trying to stay away from all of those core things will be hard, but what's the alternative?

More and more recurring yeast infections? A nonstop barrage of irritation, with headaches and possibly mood swings? I don't know about you, but that's not the kind of life I want to live. And if you're still skeptical about this whole "Candida diet" thing, then look at it this way.

When you're in the hospital for a treatment, do the nice people in dietary give you whatever you want to eat? Or are you on a diet for the remainder of your stay? Just something to think about...

How To Prevent Yeast Infections On Youtube!

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    • profile image

      Amy Adinda 

      6 years ago

      But the question is just how effective are these home remedies? The answer to that question is that it depends on the remedy and what the remedy is attempting to do. Clearly, some remedies will be more powerful than others, and, some folks will have better results with some remedies than other people. Everyone is different.

      There are natural remedies that can address the yeast infection symptoms, and there are remedies that can focus on the underlying causes of yeast infection. In this way home remedies for yeast infection have the ability to get rid of your yeast infection symptoms, plus, sort out the underlying issue that helps to trigger Candida infections. And, in the main, to do this without the side effects and costs of drug-based medications.


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