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How To Quit Chewing Tobacco

Updated on September 29, 2011

How To Quit Chewing Tobacco

How To Quit Chewing Tobacco
How To Quit Chewing Tobacco | Source

How to Quit Smokeless Tobacco

Quitting Chewing Tobacco For Real

How To Quit Chewing Tobacco

Quitting snuff and chewing tobacco are one of the hardest drugs to stop doing. There is no reason to for some of us are so hooked that we don’t even consciously know it, except when we run out and those midnight trips to the store for more. Chewing tobacco and snuff is the hardest drug I have ever tried to quit, and I have quit illegal drugs and alcohol as well. I have run the gamut of the addiction world and then society throws out more every day, for example Red Bull, the drink. Back on the topic though is how do you quit something that you have done since you were a child and now you’re in your 30s ,40s or older. It is a habit for those reading this article. I am one for getting hooked, so I decided to try and help those who want to get unhooked. I have succeeded, one day at a time, just like an alcoholic quits drinking. There are those times where it’s one hour at a time as well.

I am here to say that you can quit this drug and with minimal withdrawals from tobacco and the nicotine that draws us into this strange fascination with snuff and chewing tobacco. How nice would it be not to get the midnight urges to get your chew or sneak that dip into a meeting and swallow that load of nicotine while you are at work or with your girlfriend? Yes, I know I have don’t it and been there, but I am not there now thanks to what I did and learned by doing. In this small article you will have the tools in which you can also quit smokeless tobacco and feel good about yourself. No magic or hypnosis, and with a little bit of help from God, if you’re a believer seems to take the edge off.

There is a new website going up called, I was lucky to be invited to write a few interactive articles for this site which in in Beta stage at the moment and hopefully in full swing when this article is ready. I wrote about addictions from drugs, alcohol, and smoking and now snuff. The website url is and is really a great place to interact with authors on articles. This web site is brand spanking new idea on helping others with all sorts of information.

Back to quitting snuff or smokeless tobacco , let me get you started on what I did and seemed to work and is still working. The first thing you need to do is go to and buy you some cans of herbal snuff. The best for substitution for Copenhagen and Skoal are the Hooch Spitfire and Hooch Mint. The mint is comparably to Skoal and will blow you away at how tasty it is, and the Spitfire is more of a peppered snuff with good flavor .I take these and mix them with Smokey Mountain Artic Ice and a little bit of pepper sprinkled on the herbal snuff for added sting. This really helps out in the flavor and quite closely resembles the smokeless. Now that you have ordered these online it takes about 3 days for the product to get to your house, go out and buy some nicotine patches for smoking. I would start with the strongest mg. and work the program as you would with smoking.

The biggest mistake in trying to quit is setting up a date to stop this crap that is killing you and possibly you have been threatened by your spouse. You have to want to do this on your own for it to work. The day you start to quit, wake up and put the patch on and have your new herbal snuff ready for its day with you. Make sure you have no other tobacco snuff around because it will make you sick to take the patch and smokeless tobacco. You have the herbal for the physical withdrawal and it works just fine after you made up your mind that this will work. The first few days are the hardest and then it gets easier, yet the nicotine patches will help tremendously with any side effects. I have been off snuff for about seven months since this article was posted, no problems really. Do I still think about the real stuff, yes? There is no incentive to go back though because the herbal is just fine in my mind now. You will go through trials and tribulations yet if you stick it out and follow the patches and the herbal snuff or herbal chewing tobacco, it will work. I have had over 30 years of chewing without a thought of ever quitting, I saw this commercial made in Denver, Co. one time and this guy had a disfigured mouth and looked scary and this was from smokeless tobacco. The image has never gone away, even when I use to chew tobacco. I hope this helps you out and there are several websites that are out to help you, by typing smokeless tobacco in the search. God bless and good luck. Please send me questions if I can help.

Christopher Hyer



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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 6 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Thank You , I did it for myself also..

    • profile image

      joekreydt 6 years ago

      Nice hub. you're doing a great service to the public