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How To Reduce Stress and Fatigue in Women

Updated on April 30, 2012

Tired of Being Tired

In today's stressful world we are overwhelmed with commitments and responsibilities. It can be difficult to take the time out and get the needed rest that our body deserves. For me, it was waking everyday at 5 a.m and getting my daughter ready for daycare, getting myself ready for work then beating rush hour traffic. Once at work I had to tackle my daily responsibilities and any complications that came along with the day. After work, my fiancé picked me up and then we drove across town to pick up our daughter then stop at the grocery store. Once I returned home I had to get dinner ready and get Sasha ready for bed. To top off the night, I still had homework to do! Being a full time student while working full time can be very stressful, especially when you have a family. What a juggling act! Does this sound like you or someone you know?

So Overwhelmed

Life can be so overwhelming and it is easy to feel confused, tired, and hopeless. Instead of beating yourself up and walking in circles there are constructive ways to reduce your stress and regain energy and vitality.

Step 1:

Write down your schedule and the time you start and end your tasks for the day. To know how well you are managing your day you have to know what you actually do everyday. Sometimes it can become foggy since the day keeps moving and we naturally feel that we have to beat the clock.

Step 2:

Block out the task that takes the longest amount of time and separate it from the others. An example would be going to work each day. You know how many hours you are to be there and how long it takes you to get there and back home. This is helpful because you are now only looking at what you do around that time.

Step 3:

Once you have mapped out the time it actually takes you to complete your day you can now move things around to fit your preference. Remember, you can not do everything in one day and still have the vitality to take care of your own mental and physical health so be realistic about what you have to do and what you want to do.

Step 4:

Watch what you eat. The foods that we eat affect our bodies in a huge way.

Mood and Energy Boosters

Here are five foods that will reduce your stress and fatigue overtime. Remember what you put in is what you get out. Eating greasy on the go meals is usually the big reason women suffer from stress and fatigue. You can experience a very busy day without feeling drained by the end of the day.

Boost your mood by eating foods like;

Blue Berries- Blue Berries serve as an antioxidant and clear our body of negative enzymes.

Fish- Fish like Salmon provide Omega 3. This assists with brain cell function and helps support memory and mood. Look for foods or supplements that provide this.

Green Vegetables- Green vegetables are a great source of antioxidants. This supports the membranes in your brain's cells.Green veggies also has folic acid which is a B vitamin.B vitamins help avoid depression and reduces fatigue.

B Vitamins- B vitamins have always been a big help for me, especially after I had my daughter and then going back to work. Vitamin B-12 turns the carbs that you eat into glucose and provides energy to the body. Vitamin B-12 also promotes a healthy digestive system and decreases fatigue. Another great result is healthy skin, nails and hair. B-12 can be purchased as a supplement over the counter, given by your doctor in the form of shots, or found in 5hr energy shots. To have energy without harmful caffeine is the best alternative.

Iron- Red meat is a great way to get iron in your blood. Iron is what transports oxygen into your blood. This is where we get our mental energy. If you are iron deficient you may not be sleeping as well or thinking as well.

Remember to always see a doctor. A doctor can pinpoint what you are missing through simple blood tests. Do not wait until you are at you wits end to make changes, start now.

What About Me?!?

OK so here is the part that frustrates most of us, making me time. Every time someone told me to find time for myself I really wanted to choke them. How is it possible to make time for myself when everyone expects so much from me?

I learned that it is easier than we think. Once you map out your day and time it takes to do each task sit back and prioritize your tasks to see which ones are a must do and which ones can be done the next day. Remember that there is only one of you and try not to live your life based on the perception of someone else's life. Do what works for you!

  • Try to fit in a cardio routine in your day. Walking on your lunch breaks is a great way to wake up your body and burn some calories.
  • Enjoy activities with your children. Going to the park can be fun for you too. Enjoy the simple things in life and focus on the moment not the past or the future. Worrying about life's hiccups adds stress and we miss out on wonderful moments even when we are there.
  • Meditation is a great way to balance yourself. It only takes 5 mins a day to meditate. Sitting quietly by yourself and clearing your mind assists with emotional responses to life's hiccups. This can be done in the morning before your daily routine begins. Create a clean space for yourself where you are comfortable and let your family know that this is a big part of your day.
  • Love yourself and treat yourself. Ask family and friends to help you out with this. Going out with friends and finding a babysitter is very important. Everyone needs time to kick back and laugh. You can schedule time in your week or month for this. Going out twice a month is enough to relieve stress and also maintain a responsible life.
  • Find time with your spouse or significant other. Love is so important in life. We have to feel desired by those that we love. Getting a baby sitter at least once a month will allow you to go out and enjoy your relationship.

Remember that you can not control what our day brings us but we have total control on how we react.

So far..

  1. You should have a schedule created.
  2. You should have added mood boosting foods to your daily diet.
  3. You should be increasing activity and centering yourself through meditation and/or yoga.
  4. You should have alternatives to drinking coffee for energy.
  5. You should be on your way to a healthy and happy life style.

These tips will take time to incorporate into your life but with patience and planning you will get the results that you need to be an energetic vital women.


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