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How To Run A Brain

Updated on November 23, 2012

Is Your Brain In Proper Firing Order?

How well does your Brain Fire?
How well does your Brain Fire?

It's All In The Brain... Improve Your Brain Function

It's All In The Brain... Improve Your Brain Function

From the moment of conception the brain is developing in stages. When born, each moment is imprinted in our brain whether we remember or not. As we grow our abilities develop into whatever we decide, and desire as far as who and what we become. There is a part of the pie that we do not control, but we do control how these parts effect us.

Involuntary influences (40-60 percent margin) invade the brain every moment it's alive. Mathematically our lives, thoughts, feelings, life, attitude, and everything that goes with it revolves around our brain. No matter how you choose to view an event, or effect in your life, your brain believes every thought and word you feed it. Your most prominent thoughts of your daily life will be what drives you forward. Some of us get caught up in things, and go backwards resulting in a shift in what was to be. Altering the course of progression permanently.

Many people are trapped in a whirlpool of emotions, attitudes, feelings, and effects. Our population is depressed in masses. It's beyond epidemic, and it is now common place. Every TV commercial asks if you're depressed. They are actually selling it! I mute every commercial to block it from getting into my brain. I have trained myself to tune out negativity, and improper data input. Which is the media who will pound whatever it is selling at the moment into your brain. To profit from your plight, and make sure the poisoning reaches you.

Which brings me to why I've written this hub. It bothers me to see so many people in such a state of dysfunction. Which is usually the reason I write the hubs I write. It's about correcting things by the masses. The same way the negativity is fed. Maybe not as brainwashing as the negative media you see on TV every hour on the hour. I care about history, and I am making sure that what I have learned will remain historical as a resource to help people. My first rule is: Keep It Simple!

Just because I get technical, doesn't mean you have to. I've done the math, and here it is presented for all to experience. Take it to the next level of abilities it is your choice.

Start with Math... End with math. That is how it works. If you ignore your brain mathematics you will inevitably fail to function. I have yet to meet more than a few people that function at higher levels. The human race has grown used to the huge level of dysfunction globally, and has adapted to catering to it instead. Hence $49 Billion spent on obesity each year in the US alone! That mathematical equation does not equate... not in my brain.

Feed the Brain...and you have a complex top notch running computer. Deprive it of the NECESSARY nutrients...and you have slow melt down. It's extremely complex, with mathematical equations most people cannot even comprehend. This is a cut and dry mathematical equation that cannot be negotiated, bargained with, or altered.

Your brain needs nutrients to function at all. Safe nutrients that are compatible with the human body. We are a plant based being, that requires everything from the earth, period. It has been proven time and time again we are not meant to eat the Eco system! On reaching a level of understanding in natures role here the mathematics of the human existence comes into play.

Blood work detailing your nutrient levels, and what you may be lacking will be your starting point to correct your poorly functioning brain. Not everyone, but many are not even aware they are not functioning at optimum brain capacity.

Following the blood work, you would then be able to determine what supplements you need to begin with. Typically you will need a multi vitamin with whole food concentrates, and minerals. You will start with the basics of nutrition. The Prescription For Nutritional Healing is a great place to start. (See Below: Books for health at great prices)

It takes about 2 weeks to get used a new routine of taking supplements, and their effect. In my case I was up and out of being bed ridden for 2 years in less than 7 days. My case is extreme though, and I had to fight my way back. I am going strong ever since. (Read my profile, about the many traumas I went through)

It's important to bring all this down to the pure mathematics of how to run a brain. Much like you run your computer in your Internet travels. You decide what gets in and doesn't. Spyware, virus protection, and more. The brain is the same, and you need to take the same precaution, if not more. Mathematically deducing things without emotion brings the most positive results. I've shown many people how to do this with severe financial problems, health problems, illness, and more.

Pump up the volume on your brain firing! Just like your spark plugs in your car, your brain has a proper firing order. If you are neglecting what the brain needs to fire properly, and you are to the sluggish side of life...then so are your brain cells. All the warning signs are there, but most are taught to run to a doctor, and take drugs. Sorry people, that is not the answer. Not the true answer anyway.

I get all my answers for everything from math. Pure mathematics is indisputable, non negotiable, and there are no arguments. I think that is really my favorite part about health. There is no debate, there is no diet, there is no pill that is going to live your life for you. Its mathematics alone, and it's been ignored, covered up, and disguised for centuries now. I see it as a crime against humanity.

Keep the people ignorant, and pump them full of chemicals, destroy the planet, the plants, and Eco system, the waters, the air, the ozone layer...for what? To reduce the population, to profit on your plight, and to be in the ultimate position of controlling the world. Some of us are paying attention, and going more public that little old me. Google Gov. Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory. He's got lot's of proof, and individuals on video.

I've known about all of this since I was very young. From childhood thoughts of running large groups of people, and feeding the starving, to total global overhaul. I've written about that too. Everything I write about will indeed help the human race. All people who connect with these hubs, will remember what was absorbed. I actually track a wide array of world history on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. To bring forth what will help to solve many of todays current problems.

Keeping the brain tuned and ready for any problem that comes your way is the secret key to optimum existence. The human being is supposed to solve problems. Our brains are extremely advanced beyond what your current life guides have told you. You and only you can set up your brain to function at its best. If you let other people make these critical decisions for have given up your power, and someone else will be driving your brain towards failure, and dysfunction.

Never be willing to put toxic substances into your matter what they tell you! Do you like being killed slowly for the sake of some tyrants personal profit!? You are expendable! It's as if we have reached the level of the Twilight Zone where Burgess (playing the librarian) is being told, "You are obsolete"

Eat the plants! Forget the crap you see in the stores! Buy only fruits and vegetables to promote your health. "Your Health" imagine the population becoming healthy. If you CAN imagine that, then you also may know its geared not to go that way, unfortunately. Follow Mike Adams from exposes it all for everyone.

When the brain experiences trauma, whether physical, or mental, our built in mechanism kicks in and goes to work to repair the damage, or counteract it. Our thought process tells our brains what to believe. Similar to mixing all the ingredients in one bowl to bake a cake. Mix all the trauma, events, life experience, emotion, and negativity into one bowl...the brain. What we decide is true, is what becomes most prominent, and begins to merge into your personality. Whether good or bad, it remains true to itself in the order of functioning ability.

Chemical Balance of the brain will undoubtedly affect how you perceive things in life. If you are regularly starved for nutrients, your brain activity, and ability to function at optimum will be reduced, and altered, affected, and eventually reach it's lower levels of existence. It's all relevant, and undeniable. Give the brain what it needs, and you will be astounded at what develops.

My case is following the permanent effect of 24 surgeries, 9 car accidents, medical malpractice with damages for life, and more. I was still able to make my comeback by myself, with only my studies of nutrition, naturopathy and a host of supplements I needed. Which i still take religiously to this day. I brought myself back to life, in retaliation of western medicine, and the host of damage they did to me. I am living proof that if you let them, they will kill you quick. If you feel like becoming educated in real health, then you will find the same path I found...Nature equals life.

Nature saved my brain from total meltdown from the western medicine death squad. I can actually prove in a Lab what I am saying, should anyone out there wish to challenge me. I am ready. So far their side is a no show. Nobody wants to argue with math?

It's something I actually expected, and knew when I started my research, and studies. You definitely cannot argue with math, it would be futile. Which is why it is so important to grasp how the brain works, and to work with it, not against it. It matters not if you have a high IQ, what matters is that it functions at individuals optimum level. To achieve that, you only need to take nutrients that are good for the body. Google: Edgar Cayce, and pick from a wide array of his case studies on nutrient levels, how the human body works, and more.

The thought process of the brain is made up of what we decide, what we experience, and the firing of brain cells, the air we breath, the food we eat, and even more. Once you understand the mathematics of your own brain function, it's like someone lifted a huge weight off your chest. The awakening takes place, and you find that there is an enhanced status to your thoughts and feelings. Especially depression, Which can be chemically prompted by lack of nutrients.

Retraining your brain after overhauling your nutrient levels will be the challenge. All people need to extricate some of what is in their brain. By introducing new thought processes your brain will down play the old thought processes. This time you are going into the front lines of the mind, armed with the necessary nutrients to fight the battle. You will actually tell yourself, "No, I am not going to think that way anymore" Replacing these processes with new processes of positive thoughts. Repetition of your efforts will take root, and grow from there.

Logic, common sense, love, math, and all that is positive should be your most prominent sector of thought. Anything else not ranking as high on the totem pole should be sectioned into a lower level priority sector. Partitioning the brain? What I am describing is similar to that, and defragmenting your computer. Putting all the pieces back together, and sectioning them off into ranked areas of importance. Sound robotic? In a way it is...but in a human way, it's about being in control of your opportunity on this planet, as this individual with a particular purpose for a hundred years or so. The pure mathematics of life.

Our host bodies become the transportation method for the brain to be alive and function. The status of the host is critical in the brains ability to function. Harmonic balance of both parts must be in place, in order to insure the opportunity to exist the hundred years or so. Fail to do this, and the tricks on you. Blunt mathematical facts. Non negotiable, and you cannot bargain with it.

Feeling depressed? Stop allowing negative thoughts to monopolize your brain! YOU decide what thoughts are allowed, and what thoughts are not. Will you be a good gate keeper of your brain? Stacked with odds against all people it really is necessary to take action and correct it on your own. Time is passing, and damages are taking root for every minute you are not making the effort to correct it.

Mass effort to correct information being brainwashed into people for longer than I care to admit, is the task at hand. Make the first move now to improve your brain functioning levels, and restore your power. Improve your ability to lead a fruitful life regardless of what may be going on around you.

Do not alter your personality based on negative events that have happened to you. Rise above it, mathematically deduce the situation, and realize it is beyond your control, and does not warrant altering your life path, or personality permanently. Unfortunately many people have done exactly that. They have altered their personalities, and become very bitter about their life. This my a choice. Your choice to choose life instead.

I write for the Love and good of the many. From my brain to yours.

Change Your Life?...Change Your Life Story with Psycho Cybernetics

Brain Waves ... Learn Yours...Catch Your Waves!


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The Island

      Thanks so much Lee:)

      I should have mentioned breathing fresh ocean air is recommended too! lol

      Hope your hubbing is going great, and if I can help, let me know. I know you are looking forward to your next trip:) Cannot wait to hear.

      Thanks for the comments, and kind words.

      Take care and be aware!

    • Lee B profile image

      Lee Barton 

      8 years ago from New Mexico

      Great info and advice from someone who knows!


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