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How To Stop Toothache Fast

Updated on April 14, 2012

 Don't go for the pliers just yet! I've been there many times myself and trust me you can do more damage by attempting pulling your tooth out! Toothache is often caused by an infection rather than a decayed tooth itself, if your someone that likes to bite your nails or likes to dig a toothpick or a crisp packet in between your teeth then this can be the culprit. The slightest cut to a gum can cause an infection. Tootache often ( very annoyingly ) occurs late at night, this is due to the blood flow to our head is slightly increased. If you taken pain killers already here are some toothache remedies that you can try to stop toothach fast and hopefully get a good nights sleep.

Aspirin is great for toothache, rather than paracetemol, or ibruprofen. Aspirin due to it being dissolved in water will enter the blood stream quicker, parecetemol and ibruprofen are designed to give you a slow release of pain relief given over a longer period of time.

Brush your teeth. By brushing your teeth you can get rid of any trapped food that can be causing the toothache. This will kill bacteria in your mouth and help clean your gums it will also take your mind off it, maybe not.

Sit up in bed. As mentioned before when you lay down in bed your putting your head level or beneath your heart will slightly increase blood floor hence why sometimes your toothache will have a pumpin sensation. You only have to sit up slightly, just so that it is above your heart.

Salt water: Swishing salt water around your mouth is a great way to kill bacteria a clean your gums, not a pleasant way but its much better that toothache.

Mouthwash. Same as above really but a nicer way of cleaning your mouth, if the mouth wash stings when swishing around your mouth then this mouthw wash working. Mouthwash should be used daily reardless of toothache.

Ice in a tea towel: Putting a pack of frozen peas or ice cubes in a teat towel and placed on your face can help sooth the path and take the thud out of it. Not a cure but a great way to take the edge off the pain whilst you wait for the above methods to work.

Relax: Toothache occurs at the most inappropriate of times, usually before bed or when you're trying to do something. I think this part is the most important to get rid of toothache quickly and this is what I have found to be the most effective. The reason why we get toothache at these times is due to stress and worry, notice that you get toothache more in wintertime? If you're worrying about something before bed, have something to deal with the next day, you'll notice you'll start to feel the throbing. These steps will not only help you with your toothache but can also help you resolve what you're worrying about and what's playing on your mind.

Toothache is intensified but the thoughts we put in our heads. When you have toothache, you more than like think of you're teeth throbbing, making your gums look really red and sore. We need to flip this visualisation on it's head, do the complete reverse. Make yourself comfortable, slow your breathing down, close your eyes and visualise where you would love to be right now. Intensify the image of you, make the image big in your mind so there is no ends of the picture, make the colours brighter and the sounds cristal clear,. If you can see yourself in the picture, step in to the person you can see. Now be that person touch things and be that person, go over to a mirror and see the perfect you and make a BIG smile. When you open your eyes you have become that person.

This is a great way to feel better in yourself. If you are worrying about something do exacltey the same as above doing the thing you are worrying about but see yourself, dealing with it with ease and confidence and the it going very well. Imagine yourself in the future a time after you have dealt with your problem and see how you've forgetten about this problem and how it was a distant memory and that it was very easy to deal with because you knew exactley what to do to handle it all pefectly.

You can play around with this and adjust it to your own needs and any situation. Feeling great will melt away the toothache. You may even be feeling better after reading this.


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