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How To Tackle The Problem Of Bad Breath

Updated on July 28, 2013

Many people have the problem of bad breath but, almost all of them do not realize this, though they may point out that others are having this. If you come to know that you have this problem, you should find out if it is a common problem that can get cured if you brush or floss your teeth properly or scrape your tongue in the right manner. If this problem refuses to go even after taking these steps, there can be other reasons.

One possible reason may be consumption of wrong diets. Especially, a low-carb diet may cause this problem. There can be 'bad taste' also in the mouth accompanying bad breath. There are two main causes due to which a low-carb diet triggers bad breath. Acetone that is produced due to Ketosis or excess protein in the food that is capable of producing ammonia are the two main reasons.


Bad Breath due to the process of Ketosis during which the body produces Acetone molecules is also known as "Keto-Breath". Nowadays, a number of people cut carbohydrates from their diets without realizing that these nutrients are very much necessary for the body. Instead of shunning carbohydrates completely, these people should choose good carbohydrates that can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, wholesome grains, etc.

If you completely cut carbohydrates, your system will start using the fat in your body. When this happens, it triggers production of molecules known as "ketones". Acetone is one of the many types of ketones and its excretion takes place through the urine as well as your breath. The bad breath due to acetone may be similar to the smell of rotten apples. Keto-breath may vanishe on its own in a few weeks or months.

Tips To Tackle Keto-Breath

There are chances of getting rid of this problem by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. Breath fresheners like mint, parsley, cloves, greens, fennel seeds, cinnamon, etc. may help.

Ammonia Breath Due To Consumption of Excess Protein

During the process of metabolism of proteins, there will be production of ammonia in the body. This may cause bad breath and so, this is known as Ammonia Breath. People affected by this problem should avoid high-protein foods. In fact, our body does not need excessive proteins at all. Though protein is necessary for building muscles, making enzymes, etc., we should avoid over-consumption of proteins. Excessive proteins get converted into energy and it is during this process, there will be production of extra ammonia. Even during long starvation or a lengthy exercises session, the body tries to break down muscles for getting the energy it requires.

For getting rid of "ammonia breath", the affected people should cut back on their protein intake.

Bad Breath Due To Acid Reflux

Bad breath due to acid reflux is a slightly complicated problem but, it is not necessary that you should live with it. Since mouth-wash, flossing, etc. are not able to help you, you can construe that the origin of your bad breath is in your stomach and not in your mouth.

Acid reflux is otherwise known as GERD and the other problems it may cause are sore throat, heart burn, pain in the chest, etc. It is the contents in the stomach that cause acid reflux when they travel up the food pipe to cause all these symptoms.

The esophagus or the food pipe is a circular tube and this is what is connecting the mouth and the stomach. The contents in the stomach such as undigested and half-digested foods, the enzymes that facilitate the digestion process, bile, etc. may leak into or travel up the food pipe or esophagus and may reach even the throat. This results in bad breath because these contents have an acidic and strong odor. So, normal mouthwash, flossing, etc. may not help at all.

GERD is necessarily a functional problem because the valve at the end of the food pipe does not get closed properly. So, the contents in the stomach are free to travel up the esophagus. Those who have this functional problem may not be able to correct this but, if they affect changes to the foods they eat or to some of their eating habits, they can reduce the intensity of the problem of bad breath.

They should avoid foods that may facilitate acid reflux. They should mainly avoid fried items, citrus fruits, beverages like coffee and tea, chocolate, etc.

They should avoid over-eating because this may increase the occurrence of acid reflux by producing more acid in the stomach.

Secretion of digestive enzymes may be less in most of the people who have the problem of acid reflux. They can take some of the plant-based foods that can help their stomach to be less dependent on acids for digesting the foods they eat.

One of the best solutions for acid reflux is that these people should chew their foods thoroughly so that there will be easy digestion of the foods they take.

A man affected by the problem of bad breath
A man affected by the problem of bad breath


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