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How To Take Advantage Of A Chilly Weather And Lose Weight

Updated on January 10, 2015

Jogging Help You Break Down Adipose Tissue

Back From Jogging
Back From Jogging | Source


It is usual this season December to January to be really cool and chilly. This is the time many a person will like to see his/her doctor for a cold shut. Whether there is a virus out break or not, people will go for the cold shut or over the counter cold preparation or drug.

Actually, such moves are not necessary even if there is an outbreak of a cold virus. With rare exception that the outbreak seems to be a relatively unknown virus, a shut to contain the new virus is okay, to prevent contagious contamination. This can be much welcome with understanding. But this will not cure it. This is the truth.

Chilly Weather

Weather conditions are global in character. Some countries experienced the chilly condition at least two times in the year. Your winter condition may have some feature very different from my harmattan. But one thing in common is that both seem to be cool and chilly.


At this time, the human body seems to resist the cool and chilly feeling. We step up the resistance by putting on warm clothing, staying indoors if need be and warming the body near a fire; at the same time, increasing our consumption of good food. All this effort is geared to keep our body in normal condition.

Losing Weight

If you have tried to lose weight. Have not achieved the desired result? If not, you can take advantage of this chilly season. I bet you can lose some weight quickly. Many will agreed that if you do not take extra food stuff, your health is bound to go under. In other words, you will lose some weight cold issues aside.

The reality is that the body’s reserve food in the form of adipose tissue will be burnt to release energy. This energy is channel to keep the body and other bodily function in good workable condition. If you are not aware of this trend, note it well.

Consequent, you will lose some weight rapidly in the normal process that you do not put any effort into.

Mixed Your Meal With Various Fruits And Vegetables

A Chop Plate
A Chop Plate | Source

Jogging Will Help You Lose Some Weight

Jogging Benefits You
Jogging Benefits You

Steps That You Can Take

: Here are some steps that you can take to advantage in this issue.

  1. Go for a jog. I take it that at this time, jogging will help born more body fat than ever. Why you may ask. My answer is that your body needs extra heat to raise and maintain body temperature. Jogging will give the best result. Jog briskly to cover half a mile or just one mile. Or you can take a long walk of a mile. When you jog or walk, fats stored as adipose tissue is burnt to release energy that heat the body.
  2. Increase consumption of fats and oils. At this time of the season, it is required that a person increased his/her consumption of fats and oils. I agreed to this. But if you are a fat person and want to reduce weight or you are on a weight lose program, reduced animal fat to the normal 8%. You can concentrate on vegetable fats and butter. Peanuts and cashew nuts should be generously used. Beans and all types of legumes can provide you with enough vegetable fats. These foodstuffs are rapidly digested to release energy; and the question of excessive storage will not arise.
  3. Proteins: Protein is the most essential of the foodstuffs the body need. The whole body is a protein entity. Its many and varied cells composed of specialized proteins and I and you need protein in the various form. We get it from different foods like meat, fish, fowl, nuts and seeds. Animal and fish protein seems to be most important than vegetable or plant proteins. People who eat various combination of animal, birds, fish and vegetables source will not lack a protein deficit. It is not good at this chilly time to cut down your protein intake just because you are on a weight reduction program. Go primarily for high quality animal, fish and bird proteins. 90% lean meat is okay and you intake of a protein should remain at 30%. Combine meat, fish, egg and vegetable sources for better result. Taking protein in isolation will not give good result, though it helps in maintaining good health. Whole eggs offer additional advantages of essential minerals and anti oxidants.
  4. Carbohyrates: Carbohydrates are our primary source of energy. At this season, we all need it in the form of whole grain or unprocessed state. Avoid all unhealthy carbs like noddles. Green bean, peas, brown rice, etc are available. Corn can only be found as concentrate in dry form. Processed carbs will only clog your digestive and respiratory systems. So, you should avoid them at all costs. Make natural and unprocessed carbs 20% of the diet.
  5. Fruits and vegetables: Some fruits and vegetables have plenty of starch and sugars. This can count toward your intake of a carb if care is not taken. The alternative is to go for fruits and vegetables that have a high Glycemic Index (GI). What do you think is the GI Of a cucumber fruit or a water melon? Ig If you google the GI of a cucumber fruit, you will find that it is unknown or it is put as 1 because the cucumber has a low starch content of 4g. Green bean too is very low in GI. So is a tomato, carrot and nearly all green leafy or greens. Go for fruits and vegetables that have a very low GI of between 1 and 10.
  6. Water: water is scientifically regarded as food. This is the time you should drink as many glass of water as you like. You need it to keep the body hydrate.

Eggs Contain Elements To Help You Lose Weight

Another Chop Plate
Another Chop Plate | Source

A Chop Plate Of Quick Oats Is Easily Digested To Release Energy After Jogging

A Plate Of Quick Oats
A Plate Of Quick Oats | Source


Try as much as possible to keep a balance in your choice of food stuff. You should choice wisely. It is unthinkable that if you continue with much processed foods, all your efforts will be lost.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copy right 2015.


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