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How To Treat Eczema in Young Children

Updated on July 24, 2012

Eczema may be associated to certain factors. Genetic factor, environment, medical conditions and age. Many believe that the causes of eczema is related to how the immune system respond to these factors.

The symptoms of Eczema usually starts on the cheeks and is red and oozing. If you notice redness on your infant's cheek and it spread all over the face, neck, elbows and all over the body, it's time to rescue your child from scratching to avoid severe damage to your child's skin. It is difficult for your child to control from scratching because of its itchiness. Severe scratching will lead to infection. To avoid that from happening, you have to apply some home remedies.

If you know that your child is allergic to certain things, remove the allergens. If eggs, peanuts and certain foods are the culprit, avoid close contact to your child. Remove them at once or better not to store food that is harmful for your child. If you notice your child scratching against something, apply cool, moist compresses- these may help calm the itch. Trim the child's fingernails to avoid severe scratches on the skin, keep it short as possible. Putting mittens on your child's hand may increase the child's suffering if your child can't rub the area to find relief. Strong soap and other body wash may trigger the itch. Avoid using the product if it's not friendly to your child's skin. Using a certain products may vary to child per child. You have to check what is best product for your child to avoid complications. Soak the child in warm water with oatmeal to relieve dryness. After that, apply special moisturizer or cream that is best for your child skin. Vani-cream is one of the cream that is recommended by most mothers. It's smooth, unscented and a therapeutic to the skin. Seek medical treatment. Visit your family doctor if the irritation and redness are severe. Your doctor will prescribed ointment or any therapeutic product to reduce the inflammation of the skin.

Don't let your child suffer by assuming that it will go in the matter of days. Home remedies and medical advise must be put into action before things get worse.


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    • novascotiamiss profile image

      novascotiamiss 5 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

      My husband is sometimes suffering from eczema. We found a locally produced skin cream last year called Skinfix. A housewife from Halifax started making it a few years ago according to her grandmothers recipe. It contains all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals and it actually works for just about any kind of skin ailment e.g. eczema, burns, cuts, insect bites etc. I don't usually advertise for products but I know that there are many desperate people out there looking for a miracle cure. Skinfix has a webpage and also ships via mailorder.