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Women’s Water Fitness Swimwear

Updated on October 15, 2010

When it’s to let your hair down and enjoy a splash in the pool, a good-fitting fitness swimsuit is essential. When you find that your old fitness swimwear is worn out or loose from years of usage, it’s time to hit the stores for a suitable replacement.

There are numerous women’s fitness swimwear styles in the market right now that will suit your figure and requirements. Is brand a foremost consideration? Will a fashion swimwear piece that can work double duty as comfortable street wear be better? These are but some of the questions that may crop up in your mind when choosing a new fitness swimwear piece.

In fairness, some top brands are ideal for the average woman’s figure, and will really go the extra mile in ensuring comfort during water activities. There are also classic options, like a nylon & lycra racerback swimsuit with built-in shelf bra, an item that’s fit for competitive swimming and will never go out of style.

Womens Fitness Swimwear For Water Workouts
Womens Fitness Swimwear For Water Workouts

Womens Speedo Fitness Swimwear Available In Many Sizes Including Plus Sizes

Also quite popular quite popular nowadays as go-anywhere fitness swimwear options are tankinis with bikini-style bottoms in nylon and spandex, in an assortment of eye-catching designs ranging from stripes, florals & leafy prints to geometric patterns and other modern prints.

Other individuals are more particular about how swimsuits can enhance performance while engaging in water sports than with designs. Solids are still very much in. Female competitive swimmers planning to compete in big-league world championship events tend to gravitate towards swimsuits that provide just the right thickness, buoyancy and permeability. Top manufacturers of women’s fitness swimwear have therefore come out with innovations in high-tech new materials to satisfy this specific market.

For the regular water fitness enthusiasts, there’s a plethora of nice options that are not only figure-flattering but also stand up better to the deteriorating effects of chlorinated water than most fashion swimwear selections. Women’s fitness swimwear has undergone enhancements in fiber engineering, resulting to swimsuit options that are durable and chlorine-resistant yet comfortable & stylish.

In choosing women’s water fitness swimwear, fit, construction and fabrication are important considerations.

To determine the right size in advance to save time when you hie off to the shopping center and try on one piece after another in the dressing room (or order from an online catalog), get an accurate body measurement. Get a tape measure and get your waist, bust and torso measurements. Your goal is to get a snug-fitting swimsuit that will stay in place even when your water sports activity or aquatic workout gets vigorous.

Water Fitness Equipment

In terms of construction, most swimsuit lines provide ample bust support. Proper bust support is vital for activities like water aerobics. Common types of bust support are shelf bras offering light coverage and soft cup bras that provide extra support. Certain swimsuit styles, specifically those for athletic competition have no bust support, thereby diminishing drag and improving glide.

There are different styles that may be chosen to suit the female body type. A maillot is a one-piece swimsuit ideal for conservative women or those who want to cover up love handles or flab. A triangular top bikini is suited for curvy gals; a halter top bikini is suited for the well-endowed, or even small-busted women requiring some lift.

Indeed, it can be real fun to buy a new swimsuit. If you choose one which fits right and is suited to your water fitness activities, and if you properly care for it, it can last years and be well worth the investment.


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