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How Vaccines Cause Autism

Updated on October 19, 2010


This is merely a theory and not a stated opinion. This is not directed at any person with autism and is not meant to offend anyone with the condition. I myself am autistic and have been diagnosed with Aspergers.

How Vaccines Cause Autism

What is Autism? Autism is a development disorder that affects the brain, immune system and gastric intestinal tracts. [1] The disorder often appearing in the first three years of life causes a life time of adverse effects that the afflicted must learn to cope with and is nothing to be taken lightly. The disorder causes a multitude of issues that can vary in severity, and ranging from developmental to emotional impairments. [2]

For years the assertion has been made that Autism is caused by vaccinations. With good research and arguments being made for this including the assertion that people who don’t get vaccines are not being diagnosed with Autism, such as the Amish, [3] at the rate at which it should be diagnosed at (1 in 166).

Though there is equal opposition to the argument that autism is not caused by vaccinations. This is by a large been influenced by the very drug manufacturers that have a stake in whether this is proven or not. Hardly a reliable source to be trusted for Big Pharma as it is called is highly corrupt and a quick search across the internet will reveal their connections to politicians, judges, and law makers who all happily sell their souls; and us out for riches and a comfortable lifestyle.

The question is how do the vaccines cause autism and I believe I may have the answer for this question and it comes from new discoveries being made about junk DNA [4]. Where as previously thought that this DNA did nothing (hence why it is called “Junk” DNA) it is now believed that it holds the building info for different ways to construct the body.

In this we could have the cause of autism. The vaccines activate one of these junk DNA strands and the body is constructed differently because of it. This could be caused by a multitude of factors from over dosing when we are given 8 shots at once or something intentionally put into the vaccines as some have alleged. (The Swine flu vaccine being a good example of this [5])

Though this is just a theory it raises some interesting questions regarding Big Pharma and their intentions with these vaccines and knowledge of junk DNA. Is autism just an accidental activation of some random or is there indeed something more going on behind the scenes than we know about? Only time will tell.

For an interesting look at autism watch







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