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How Well Do You Take Care Of Yourself ?

Updated on June 2, 2011

Very often, we cannot control the circumstances that life throws our way, but we can control how well we take care of our self. Taking proper care of our body, soul and mind can keep us in optimum shape for handling stress, keeping us functioning well, getting us ready for life’s challenges and live a happier life.

If you are the type of person who often takes care of others before yourself, then consider this question, “How much helpful can you be if you're not doing so well yourself?” Looking after ourselves should not lose its importance when we are lending others our hands. It's common to feel guilty by putting ourselves first - but it's really the best way to ensure that you, your family and your friend get the best care.

The following questionnaires will help you to determine how well you take care of yourself. Answer YES or NO to each question. At the end of the test, you’ll read about how to take better care of yourself, if you are not doing that already.

1. Do you take time to eat nutritiously ?

2. Do you avoid compulsive overeating ?

3. Are you able to control your eating habits most of the time?

4. Do you maintain a good weight for your size and body build ?

5. Do you like your body build and size ?

6. Do you exercise regularly (at least 1 hour per week) ?

7. Do you get enough sleep (about 7 hours for an adult) ?

8. Do you sleep through the night ?

9. Do you go for regular check-ups from your Health Care Practitioners even if you are feeling fine ?

10. Do you take preventative precautions to improve your health ?

11. Do you visit your dentist when necessary ?

12. Do you follow recommendations of your dentist ?

13. Do you take prescribed medicine when advised ?

14. Are you a non-smoker ?

15. Are you a non-drinker or a very moderate drinker ?

16. Do you occasionally let yourself relax in the bathtub or go for a Spa treatment?

17. Do you have hobbies that give you pleasure ?

18. Do you treat yourself as well as you treat others ?

19. Are you a good friend to yourself ?

20. Do you have a friend to talk to and provide insights when you are confused, anxious, angry, sad or frustrated ?

21. Do you pamper yourself or do something nice for yourself regularly?

22. Do you let other people do nice things for you ?

23. Do you readily care for others but literally forget about yourself and your own needs?

24. Do you reward yourself for personal accomplishments ?

25. Are you aware of those emotional signals that say “I'm out of balance: irritability, feeling overwhelmed, resentment” and do something about it?

26. Have you found a way to release your negative emotions ?

27. Are you able to say no to requests for your time, when you need that time for yourself ?

28. Even when you are busy, do you find time to do those things that matter to you ?

29. Do you often lose your temper at work and at home ?

30. Do you often feel exhausted ?

31. Do you overspend and leave no savings but more debt in your bank account ?

32. Do you often miss out family events due to work ?

33. Do you often feel guilty because you can't make time for everything you want to ?

34. Do you feel like you do not have the time, energy or resources to truly care for yourself?

35. Do you practice lots of self-care but still feel a lot of stress, anxiety and/or fatigue due to the circumstances in your life/work?

36. Do you crave more ease, satisfaction, joy and overall well-being?


If you answered YES to most of the above questions, then well done, you are taking good care of yourself.

If you answered NO to more than 10 questions, then please look over the questions again and determine how you can start taking better care of yourself.

When you take better care of yourself, you will feel better, and feel a sense of increased personal wellness.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. “ Lucille Ball



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