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How You Feel Before, During, and After Being Sick (A Silly Post)

Updated on January 13, 2016

Before A Cold: Feeling Great!

Before you catch that cold that everyone's got, you feel a spring in your step and a song in your heart. You know nothing can ruin this beautiful day you're having. Sun not shining? No problem, we need rain anyway in this drought. Everyone's sick with an awful cold, you say? Not me, I'm healthy and happy as a clam!


Then.... The Cold Hits You

Ugh. This is awful! I shouldn't have had that ice cream sundae last night. I should be taking my vitamins every day. I need to be binging on Vitamin C right now! Quick, where's the tissue? There's none in the house, you say? You mean I have to go out to the store and buy Kleenex, chicken noodle soup, Umcka, and Echinacea? All my friends who have oils, which one do you put on for the most horrible, awful, lingering forever-and-never-wanting-to-go-away cold?? Please, I just want to be healthy again!!


Next...You Kick Your Homeopathy Into High Gear

Not only do you take daily vitamins, Vitamin C and Echinacea, but you stop eating sugary desserts, you make yourself a healthy smoothie every morning, and drink water like a stinkin' camel! Every chance you get, you hack up those gross phlegm blobs, because goodness knows you're not letting that nastiness stay in your system any longer than it already has! At night you prop yourself up on your pillows because of the nasty cough, and crank the humidifier up to full blast! Your spouse can't get any rest when you're hacking out a lung, and you can't skip your morning coffee even though it's dehydrating because it's the one indulgence you're allowing yourself, and without it you're pretty sure you wouldn't be able to function due to lack of sleep! You're binge watching new shows on Netflix and taking days off work, even though your bank account doesn't exactly approve! All the while diffusing your breathe and eucalyptus oils, popping Hylands cold tablets like a mad person, hoping all this works to finally get rid of this yucky sickness!


After Trying Everything.....

..... you think perhaps maybe if you just will yourself to get better, you will. Get better, body... c'mon, you can do it.... you're not sick anymore.... you've been sick for a week, surely it's almost over by now!! How much Vitamin C and Echinacea can you possibly take? How many boxes of Kleenex have you gone through in the last 7 days? Seven days, by the way, that felt like an eternity..... Never seen so much green and yellow goop in my life.... and that all came out of my body???

Then, just when you think you can't stand it anymore.....


One Shiny, Bright, Glorious Day.... You're Feeling Better!

Am I really feeling better? Could it be possible? This morning I didn't wake up and blow my nose like crazy or cough my brains out! I'm actually feeling...... normal! Maybe I don't need to down three mugs of Umcka, pop Vitamin C and throat lozenges like candy and eat nothing but chicken soup and bone broth!


I'm so thankful that I'm healthy that I resolve to eat nothing but good, nourishing food so my body never gets that sick again..... but then.... a few minutes later.....

"Let's stop at Thrifty's for a double scoop.........................."

Hope You Feel Better!
Hope You Feel Better! | Source

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