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Hair Loss and Your Sugar Diet

Updated on March 14, 2014

A Well Balanced Diet Can Help You Keep Your Hair

Many people who have begun to improve their diets to save their health and their lives have gotten an unexpected result. They found hair growing back where it once was lost. The typical diet of high fat, salt, sugar, red meat and processed foods all contribute to hair loss. Hair loss and hair thinning happens when the body has to go into overdrive just to supply it with the proper nutrients just to survive. The first casualties are usually skin, nails and of course hair loss. However, there some things you can do in your diet to stop hair loss and even grow some back.

Cutting Sugar to Reduce Hair Loss

Many people who have a high sugar intake are also seeing thinning and losing hair issues. Many foods in our diets that are acidic such as sugar will contribute to thinning and losing hair. In addition to cutting out sugar, many experts recommend other acidic foods be cut out, such as red meat, coffee, soda, processed saturated fats and highly refined grains. All of these food items have no crucial nutrients and they hamper oxygen delivery from the blood to the cells, including hair follicles.

The No Sugar Diet Your Hair Needs to Grow

For more hair growth, a diet needs to include more raw ingredients. Keratin is the protein that hair is made up of and a diet lacking protein can cause hair loss or thinning. Keratin is high in sulfur and therefore your diet should include that as well. Look to foods like broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage as well as eggs, lean meat or poultry.

In addition to the protein the hair needs for better growth, a diet needs to have essential fatty acids to support it. Incorporate into your diet flex seed and extra olive oil to get the essential omega-6 fatty acids. It is also recommended that you add omega-3 fatty acids that you find in fish at least once a week to help with hair loss and to promote hair growth.

Although the quality, quantity and distribution of hair is genetically predetermined, your diet will help you solve hair loss and thinning. By improving your diet with foods that will provide the right hair growth nutrients, you can hold back your hair loss.

Diet for Growing Thicker Hair

A Hair Loss Question

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