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Few Tips To Help You Come Out Of Stress (Especially For Teens)

Updated on May 17, 2018
hanikhalid profile image

bio-medical graduate from NED University. Love to write about topics that I have experienced myself.



Ever wondered why the number of self-harm and suicidal attempts is increasing day by day in youth? According to, me the answer is quite simple. It is because they have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. They also have to meet the expectations of family and live up to the norms of modern society.

As a teenager, I always wanted to be like a free bird not caged one. Summarizing my teenage era I can say that,"majority part has been through stress, anxiety, and depression."There were many reasons for it which I have discussed later in general. But at the end of the day, I finally found my way to make that stressful life far better and stress-free.

Stress can affect you physically and emotionally. Almost everyone has been a victim of stress, anxiety, and depression. The sleepless nights, painful moments, weepy eyes are unforgettable. The frustration that gives a severe headache and tantrums that destroys relation are all a part of it. Nobody enjoys going through these emotions. Being detached from friends and family living all alone just because you are depressed. Thanks to GOD for giving me that strength to overcome the hardships of life. Self-harm is not the solution to cure your stress. There are many other positive ways through which you can make your complicated life easy to live!

Does Stress affect our body?

If you continuously remain in a state of stress, anxiety, and depression your body health can be at serious risk. Continuous stress stimulates the stress hormones to be released which becomes a cause of your aggression. The stress hormone increases heart rate, breathing rate, and muscle tension. A list of our body systems that are highly affected due to excessive stress are:

  • Central Nervous System
  • Endocrine System
  • Muscular System
  • Digestive System
  • Respiratory System
  • Cardio Vascular System
  • Reproductive System

Trust me excessive worrying can drive you crazy throwing you into depression and anxiety. All you need to do is be calm and composed and show some patience.


Factors that often contribute to stress

School-life Stress

So starting from school-life. Well, according to me till we are juniors there is so much fun to be at school. Now as we proceed to high-school, life starts becoming stressful. There is a lot of pressure on the head. Why is that so?

  • good grades
  • best performances
  • submitting assignments on time
  • friendship goals
  • competitions
  • scholarships

A 13-19 years old kid has to be a part of such a stressful system. Parents expect them to do their best and even if they couldn't achieve the best results. The fear to disappoint parents make them depressed. Even the new trend of bullying/ragging has mentally tortured the teenage. Kids find a reason to sit at home and don't want to face school-life again.


Family Problems:

Families are a source of joy and happiness. Nobody enjoys looking their parents yell at each other and so do me. Talking about some typical family issues like:

  • parents strained relation
  • family crisis
  • siblings rudeness
  • lack of understanding/communication between parents and children

Family environment has a significant impact on kids(especially teenagers). There was a time I only had two feelings either getting angry or depressed. Never like telling anyone that it was because of the problems going in my family. Circumstances made me feel negative all the time. My home turned into a torture cell. The day to day arguments was unbearable. My mother suffered from depression and so did we(kids). As time passed by, mum and dad were no longer that happy couples due to a third person. I missed the laughing sessions of my family, which turned into an unbreakable silence. Family issues were causing a great stress as a result, our health was getting compromised.

Stress because of Rejection

The word "rejection" can never be forgotten that easily. It sticks in the brain like a chewing gum and becomes a reason for shear stress. Many questions come to mind like:

  • Why am I rejected? Am I not worth it?
  • Why does it have to be me only?
  • Why did I opt for this when I had to be rejected?
  • Why can't I impress someone?

You go under self-doubt, feel conscious, worth-less keep thinking about it. Thus, stressing your brain. Whether rejected for a job, scholarship, competition, or from a life-partner. All such reasons are a cause of depression, anxiety, and stress.


Social Media

So now let's talk about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc . all other social apps through which you can share, see, like, comment everything. Where nothing is private and personal life is public. The feeds the tweets, the pictures, and the stories. The mobile phones are like "life phones" of the teens nowadays. they can live without family but not without their phone. These cellphones become a reason for your stress and depression in many ways like:

  • you may get immersed in a circle of emotions along with your classmates
  • looking at other people's life feeling self-loathing
  • having ideas of suicide and self-harm
  • feeling depressed due to those superficial selfies
  • the disturbing videos that cause stress
  • bullying tweets

In a way, social media is opening all the barriers to teenage. Exposing their life to people. Even if the parents keep checking their kid account. There can't be any surety that your kids are doing fine.

Free Tips To Feel Stress Free:


Connect to "THE ALMIGHTY LORD." The first and the foremost thing to do. You may disconnect from the world but never forget your connection with THE ALMIGHTY GOD. The impossible becomes possible when we pray and that makes me believe, "Miracles do happen." Whether stress or at peace do not forget to pray and thank God for His numerous blessings. You never know how God makes things in our favor when we have almost lost all our hope. No other therapy can be an alternative to prayers. You are going to witness the changes yourself once you start believing so!

Talk to them

Facing problems in school-life, relationship, family, or friendship. The best way is to talk instead of remaining silent and bearing that stress.

  • Talk to your parents/teachers if you are a target of ragging/bullying. Parents are always there to protect you. Even you can share with one of your favorite teachers to face the situation. Don't sit quiet and find reasons to stay at home.
  • Talk to your parents if having family issues. Share your feelings with them. Tell them you are not happy with the environment of your home. Break the silence.
  • Sometimes parents might fail to understand you. It happens because they can also be under stress due to a financial crisis or some other reasons. In that case don't get disappointed talk to someone you are close to (like your bestie).
  • It's not easy to end up a relationship! After a stupid argument or for the sake of your ego do not leave your loved one. It becomes quite depressive and stressful. Before making any decision you must talk to your life-partner. As most of the fights/arguments are because of misunderstandings.

Entertain Yourself

watch your favorite series, movies anything you get entertained with.

Don’t get overburden

  • Take responsibilities be responsible whether in school or professional life. But never get overburden with your responsibilities. They may become a reason for your stress.

Sleep well

  • Don’t stay awake the entire night before exam/interview. Prepare well and be confident, (not over-confident please as it can be the reason for rejection).

As in my case, I used to stay awake the whole night before any interview/exam. As a result, I used to have headaches in morning and couldn’t perform up to mark next day. It happens because of tension,(mental stress)we forget many things.

  • Strained relationships or arguments between husband and wife often disturbs sleep. The best way is to finish/settle the tussle before the night ends

Friends Circle

If you feel that your friends' circle is a reason for your stress. You don’t feel comfortable in their company then avoid such friends. For the sake of popularity or fear of being alone don’t choose such friends. They can be a reason for your depression in the end.

Avoid Social Media

Try not to be addicted to social apps.

Reading Books

Ah! This is one of the best therapy. Your mind gets way lighter than your imagination. It is really fun to choose a book according to your mood. We always learn something good from it. Even you can write something to make yourself feel better.


Humble Request To All The Parents

I know how it feels when your parents are not there in your worst time or they don't understand the bad mood one is going through. I used to be more depressed with my family because there has always been a lack of communication. Somehow they never understood my feelings. It was my mistake too that I never discussed with them my issues because of the fear of their reaction. So I kindly request all the parents to follow some simple steps to get their kids out of depression and stress:

1. Talk about their dreams:

As a teenager, I felt like a robot following parents instructions all the time. It was their wish that I am an engineer today. No doubt they thought about my betterment, but never discussed my dreams. As a result, I was living in two separate worlds. Like an imaginary one of my dreams to be an architect. On the other hand a practical one according to parents demands/wishes. So I request all the parents not to limit their conversation with kids. Don't keep it to academics, chores, and schedules. Discuss what is bothering them to stay awake at night. Ask about their dreams, what they want to be, and how their life is going.

2. Pay attention but don't stifle them:

Parents must pay attention to the activities of their kids. They must look after their interest in life rather than passing on their judgment. You need to pay attention to your child if they are not showing interest in any activities. Do not impose your decisions try to give them some space to breathe freely.

3. Anger has no right on kids:

Teenage is a sensitive era of life. kids often adapt habits like alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs intake. Even robbery/snatching (at times just for fun or due to the financial crisis). As a parent, you may get angry to find some negative things about your child. But anger and punishment is not the solution to it. Try to observe the friends circle of your child. The reason behind their unusual behavior. Find an alternative for your kids or better to do their counseling.

4. Change the family environment:

Family crisis, a strained relation of parents and siblings can also make a child feel stressed out. Try to change your family environment as it has a great impact on kids. Sometimes parents need to change the family dynamic. Remember the environment in which you grow your kids always reflect in their personality.



Things are easy to say but hard to put in place. Especially when you are going through tough days in life. We are not ready to listen to any advice/suggestion as our brains are already in a state of chaos. Yes, I am not wrong to say that every kid loves to live life freely(without any restrictions). And I agree to the point as well that kids must not always be on the driving seat. Parents always speak for our betterment. Personally speaking, I have been through the consequences whenever I denied their advice.
There are many ways to go through the hardships of life. It entirely depends on us how to deal with it! Either take it as a challenge to life and prove yourself not to be a coward. Think positive and be strong. Or miss the colorful days of life in your self-created world of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Have you been a victim of stress, anxiety, and depression?

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If hard to read then just listen to this


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Seems that you have been through the ordeal and survived with your sanity and health in tact. Thanks for reaching out in an attempt to help others.

    • profile image

      Tajwar Iqbal 

      3 years ago

      Some really good points to think and ponder over!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Fabulous piece of writing. It make me stuck to read it completely. Very well hani much appreciated

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very deep and insightful......keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      Samreen Atif 

      3 years ago

      Very informative. Keep it up.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Keep it up! very interesting

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks dear one...very useful tips to practice


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