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How can I heat the body in cold season?

Updated on May 17, 2016

January in Michigan

Start at the top and work down when trying to keep warm.


We've all seen people in old movies wearing night caps (not the liquor kind). This is because much of the body's heat escapes through the top of our heads. So, the first step is to wear a hat or cap. Knitted wool is best. Last winter, when the temperature fell below zero, I wore one in the house! It helped me keep my heating bill in check because I could turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees.


scarves are an excellent way to keep warmer, and if they are long scarves you can criss-cross them over your chest to help keep your chest warm. Turtle-neck sweaters or high-neck knit tops work wonders at keeping your neck warm.


Vests are one of the best ways to keep your core temperature at a normal level. A fashionable vest can be worn with almost any outfit, or an insulated heavy vest works well under your winter coat. Keeping your chest warm is very important and vests are another 'layer' of defense against the winter cold.

Arms and Legs

Long pants worn over long underwear are the best way to keep your arms and legs warm. Flannel-lined jeans and even quilt-lined jeans are also available. Cotton jeans or pants do a better job than polyester or man-made fabrics. Wool pants are also very good, but can be itchy and have to be dry cleaned. Looked for lined wool pants or wear long underwear or tights under them.

Hands and Feet

Gloves and mittens are a must. Mittens keep your hands much warmer than gloves because you use your body heat from all your fingers to keep them all warm. However, wearing mittens makes it hard to do things like texting, writing or putting coins in the parking meeter. So, wear a thin pair of cotton or knit gloves under your mittens so you can remove the mittens to use your fingers, but still keep warm.

Wool socks are best for keeping your feet warm. I wear cotton socks and a pair of wool socks over them when it's really cold. Leg warmers also help. Long underwear is a must up here in the frozen north! Leggings or tights work well worn under skirts.

Keep Moving!

If you have to wait for a bus or be outside any length of time during very cold weather, keep moving to let yoru body warm itself. One way is to do step-ups on a curb or staris. Simple step up and down for however long it takes! This is also excellent exercise!

Stay Hydrated

Skin dries out faster in the winter, especially with the furnace blasting. Drink plenty of water (not cola or coffee which have caffiene and work as diruetics). Water flushes the toxins out of your body and will help protect you from colds and flu.

Eat Real Food!

Foods like brown rice, vegetables and fruits keep your body running smoothly and will bulk up your resistance to the cold and everything that comes with it. Avocados and olive oil help keep your skin nourished and help you avoid dry, flaky skin and chapped lips.


Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Our bodies repair themselves when we sleep and is most important during the winter, and help us resist the cold and all the 'bugs' that go with it.


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