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How do we fix America's mental health issues?

Updated on February 20, 2013

To me, mental health should be taken care of by families and the surrounding community. I think the biggest problem in this country is the dependence on the government. As far as mental health is concerned, I think the families should step up, learn to take care of their family members and help shelter and care for them. If families are not involved or not present, community based facilities should be set up to take care of their community. These could be run off of volunteerism and local donations, with a government subsidiary if available.

Communities should not only try to set up local mental health facilities, but they should also find local citizens to help with intervention situations. This could include setting up free or low cost conunseling for all that need it. There is a reason that people that live in poverty have more issues with mental health, there is a lot more stress involved in their life usually. So in creating spaces and venues that would help the target demography, we could maybe avoid mental breakdowns in our community in the furture.

Everyone should be able to get help if needed because it benefits all of the community to do so. If people that need help are not helped, those are the ones that will wreak havoc on the community at large in many ways like shootings, robberies, panhandling and so many other issues. The community is only as strong as the poorest and sickest member, so why not strengthen our neighborhoods. Americans, as well as any other human on the planet have a right to health care, mental or otherwise, but we cannot expect the government to handle it for us, we as a community must. To me mental and physical health are not much different as far as needs because both are needed to strengthen the community and extend the quantity and the quality of life for all.


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    • gsidley profile image

      Dr. Gary L. Sidley 4 years ago from Lancashire, England

      I support your plea for a more socially inclusive, community-focused provision for people with mental health services. This makes sense and seems to work better - consider the striking statistic that recovery rates for psychosis ("schizophrenia") are much better in the under-developed world than in western countries.

      The only bit of your hub I would challenge is the notion of a strong link between mental health problems and multiple killings. There are many much stronger predictors of crime/violence than mental health problems - indeed, people with psychoses are much more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators.

      Best wishes