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How do you get rid of bad dreams that re-occur frequently? Help!

Updated on May 7, 2008

2 Tips on stopping bad dreams

Bad dreams are normally a result of fears or anxiety that you suffer during the daytime. When you sleep the stress that you have faced may manifest itself as a nightmare.

If it is recurrent it could be a stressfully childhood memory which you had earlier surpressed but resurfaced due to the change in stress levels that you face recently.

I used to have bad dreams or even weird dreams now and then. What I realised that you normally dream most often if you are lying on the bed facing the ceiling.

#1Try sleeping on your side as ,for me personally, there is a lesser chance for bad dreams to occur.

#2. Take time to wind down and relax yourself before you go to bed and you may have a more peaceful night. This can be in the form of a warm bath.

#3 Spend some time everyday to meditate.

If your daily life is being affected by the dream seek help from a doctor


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