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How do you quit smoking naturally

Updated on February 23, 2018

Why to quit smoking

Smoking is one of the most addictive habits in the society. Smoking has many disadvantages, and you will find many health hazards and risks of smoking on the net well explained by many experts in the field. But I would like to share a critical risk of smoking and how to overcome it. Smoking leads to many disorders like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer of lungs, etc. On the long run, it destroys the lung tissue irreversibly. Once destroyed it will never recover and thereby damage to lung elasticity and respiratory volume.

And COPD is mostly seen in people with smoking habit.

Smoking during infections or bronchitis, adds to further aggravation of symptoms like a cough and phlegm formation.

And quitting smoking greatly reduces the risk of COPD.

how do you quit smoking naturally


How to quit smoking naturally

Unlike to Alcohol, smoking has no drugs to cause aversion for the addict. In alcoholics, when disulfiram is given, the person feels irritability on consuming alcohol. So the person is aversed to drink in the presence of disulfiram.

But in smoking, there is no such aversion creating drug.

So one can follow two natural methods to quit smoking naturally.

The most natural way to quit smoking or abstain from smoking is to have intense thought about stopping. But even still you will stay for some time and again start it later. So try to have an association with people who never smoke or who have quit smoking. Spending time with them makes you feel reluctant to burn or light a cigar in their presence. This in continual practice lets you quit smoking. Further continuation of your association with them will never make you feel to start smoking again. This is the best natural way because of two reasons.

One tends to smoke during free time or intense thought of something.

Once you quit by some intense thought, there are again chances to restart in-case if you experience the tense situations. During this time also being in association with those people who don't smoke or who hate smoking then you will have a mental strength to abstain from smoking even during the thought to restart.

Another way is to use nicotine chewing gums. Reputed pharma companies manufacture them. Eating them gives you satisfaction both psychologically and physically. Hence, there would be no more urge to light a cigar.In this way, you minimize damage to lungs and other organs in the body.


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