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How does a diabetes pen work?

Updated on December 10, 2011

A diabetes pen is an innovative and amazing device which takes care of the insulin levels of your body in an efficient manner. Diabetes, a common chronic disease, is increasingly growing everywhere regardless of location, age and gender throughout the world in recent times. Once earned, it would accompany you till the end of your life’s journey. It is estimated that 15-16 millions in US are affected with diabetes and 6 millions are still unaware that they are affected with this disease. Diabetes is a stage where you body produces insufficient insulin and if produced, in an improper and inconsistent manner. There are many ways to treat diabetes and provide right insulin levels to your body every day. Today, with the introduction of a diabetes pen, managing diabetes has become an easy task.

A diabetes pen or an insulin pen, as the name suggests, is a pen like device which is used to inject insulin into your body in an efficient and painless manner. These pens come in a variety of shapes and use an insulin cartridge instead of a vial. You can opt for a diabetes pen with a replaceable cartridge and use it multiple times or the disposable one which can be used only once. These insulin pens are quite popular in US and UK and moving on to the other parts of the world on a fast pace.

How does a Diabetes pen work?

A diabetes pen contains a cartridge and a pen needle. The recent change to this needle is that it is very thin and short to make the process a painless effort. The medicine is loaded into the cartridge and the needle is screwed out to clear air. The exact dose which varies with the intensity of your body condition is then dialed and injected into the body.

Advantages of a diabetes pen

A diabetes pen is more advantageous when compared with normal syringes. Firstly, as the needle is very thin and short, it makes the injection painless. It is very useful for young people who study in colleges or universities to use this pen conveniently anywhere. Secondly, the exact dosages can be pre-set on the pen and can be used when required. It eliminates the hassle of using a syringe and pulling the dose from the bottle. Thirdly, a diabetes pen is a portable unit wherein you can take it anywhere and use it with ease at all times. It also enables people with impaired vision to use it on their own.

There are various types of diabetes pen units available in the market and it is very important to consult your doctor before purchasing one. Before purchasing a diabetes pen consider these aspects

Ø Check the amount of medicine a pen can hold and how to use that dosage.

Ø A diabetes pen might not suit for everyone and varies with person.

Ø Unlike a syringe, you cannot mix 2 or 3 medicine into one. If you have to inject 2 to 3 medicines you need to inject them separately.

Ø As with any normal product, the price increases along with the comforts offered and a diabetes pen is not excluded. You might have to pay more for a pen when compared with using a syringe.

While the innovation of a diabetes pen is in an initial stage, you can expect amazing benefits and features incorporated into these pens in the near future. However, with the painless and portable option, a diabetes pen is surely an amazing gift for diabetes patients.


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