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How far am I willing to go...

Updated on August 6, 2012

How far am I willing to go, to save a life?

I have experienced psychiatrist and psychologist who actually think they are something just because they hold this medical degree that says they have accomplished something educational. What is sad, is that they lack compassion. I have seen doctors who were just get you in and out attitude, giving you the feeling that you are not human.

I am not saying all professionals are that way, I mean I personally have a great psychiatrist and psychologist who really care about me. They are great! Just as a person in general I would do whatever it takes to save a life of a friend or even someone who is a complete stranger.

I think people are always looking for that loyal friend that they can trust and feel safe with. I believe there are very little therapist who are afraid of going above and beyond the call of duty because for fear of lawsuit’s and because of the medical board.

There are many doctors who have lost their licenses just for being real on behalf of saving a life because they god forbid cared…This country wouldn’t be what it is today had it not been for sacrifice. Sacrifice: to me is to totally be surrendered or devoted to for the sake of another.

I understand what it feels like to suffer pain, torture and abuse to be held captive physically, and when I become a Psychologist I will do whatever I can to do what I can to be sure that my patient will be free mentally. No matter how long it takes.

I will take those patients that nobody else wants to deal with, what doctors now call high risk patients. Regardless, of financial situation I just want to spread “hope” to those who struggle emotionally or mentally. I want to be a doctor who can extend a love, compassion, and a concern. This is who I am this is why I write because I care. The stigmas and biases need to stop, so I’m starting with me right here! Right now! How many more of you out there will do whatever it takes to save a life? To be a sacrifice for the hurt and the broken hearted.

By Monica Ortega

“Have you ever been broken, now set free willing to extend that hand of sacrificial opportunity? I want to give in return what has been given to me, compassion love opportunities…”


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