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How Important Is Water for Your Health? Here Are 10 Reasons to Sip More H2o

Updated on April 5, 2020
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I'm a passionate freelance writer with an interest in health and wellness. I love art, interior decor, video games and all things beautiful!

Water is the source of life!

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Water helps to distribute O2
Water helps to distribute O2 | Source

Why is water so important for our daily lives?

Water is a powerful element one that nature and all mankind cannot do without. While we’re able to fast and go without eating for a few days, the same cannot be said about water. A lack thereof can lead to dehydration and many other health concerns.

The body is comprised of about 60% of water, which is a higher percentage than blood in the average adult human. So, that being said, water is crucial for health and well-being.

Here are 10 reasons to stay hydrated with water

1. It helps to distribute O2 (Oxygen)

Our organs need oxygen to help with function. Water helps to transport oxygen to the vital organs, tissue and cells through the blood.

2. It works for joint lubrication

Our skeleton is made of bones and cartilage. On certain parts of the bones are joints and cartilages that help with movement. Water helps to keep the joints and tissue lubricated. While it lubricates it helps to reduce friction.

3. H2O is vital to regulate body temperature

Our bodies are beautifully created and very self-sufficient. What I mean by this is that it even has an inherent ability to heal itself. You’ll probably hear more of that as I progress with my posts.

Just as the body is able to heal itself given the right conditions and circumstances, it also generates its temperature to adapt to the weather. This is why water is essential for temperature regulation.

This is the reason why you’ll sweat when it’s hot which leads to a natural cooling effect.

4. It may regulate blood pressure

Drinking H2O can help with blood pressure regulation. This is possible because it also slightly thins the blood.

If you are on chronic medication to help regulate your blood pressure, you can’t quit taking your medication unless your doctor advises you to do so. If blood pressure is too high or too low, it can lead to emergency hospitalisation.

5. Drinking water can help you improve your exercise performance

Did you notice that you can become thirsty as you sweat during your workouts? Drinking water can help to improve your performance. Be careful not to drink too much before, during and after workouts as this can lead to muscle cramps and discomfort.

Water is a source of hydration
Water is a source of hydration | Source

Water is life and clean water means health

— Audrey Hepburn

6. More glasses of water every day could help towards your weight loss goals

Water is great if you’re planning on losing weight. Drinking water throughout your day gives you that “feel full” feeling. This is probably why you don’t feel as hungry while your sipping up.

Simply put, it’s a good idea to eat your meals while not forgetting to drink your water throughout the day.

7. It dilutes the alcohol content and therefore reduces your hangover

Are you planning on having a few drinks with your mates? Don’t forget to dilute those alcoholic beverages with some water.

If you drink more glasses of water between your alcoholic beverages, it will help to dilute the alcohol in your blood. Diluted alcohol levels can help to ease up the hangover effects the next day.

A person could become drunk based on various factors including their body mass, height, age, medication use, health conditions and the way they pace themselves (chug vs sip).

Drinking water between your alcohol drinks will not only cut your chance of a bad hangover, but it will also help to keep you hydrated. Alcohol is a dehydrating beverage.

8. Contributes to the production of saliva and mucus

Mucus and saliva are lubricating substances naturally produced by the body. The body needs water to produce it and thus water also helps to reduce dry mouth (often a result of medication, cigarettes, alcohol).

9. Drinking more H2O can help maintain good skin

Yep, H2O is amazing to improve the health of your skin. It reduces impurities which may lead to fewer chances of acne breakouts. It also adds a healthy, natural glow and it is your perfect beverage to aid moisture during the drier seasons.

10. Improves the health of your hair

Just as water is good for your skin, it is also very great for your hair. It is naturally hydrating and thus adds moisture and shine. This is also good news for your scalp and if no other skin conditions exist, it may reduce the sight of dandruff.

Water regulates body temperature
Water regulates body temperature | Source

How to spruce up your H2O drink

Not everyone enjoys water. In fact, some of us prefer the sweet and bubbly taste of fizzy cold drinks. To make your H2O more “palatable”, you can try some of these cool hacks.

Add sprits or slice of lemon

Lemon has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and will do your body great. It is also high in vitamin C, promotes hydration, and is a natural breath freshener.

If you enjoy lime, add some to your drink

Limes are bitter compared to lemons, but if you enjoy it, then add a fresh squeeze to your water.

Try berries, watermelon, or cucumber

Fruit can turn plain drinking water into a tasty and naturally sweet, refreshing beverage. Berries are a good option because it is high in vitamin C and packed with antioxidants. Cucumbers are refreshing and very hydrating. It is thus the perfect addition to your glass of water.

Add mint, ginger and lemon for better digestion

Fresh mint leaves, ginger, and lemon are a good recipe for digestion. The mint may help to improve digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. It can also help relieve indigestion. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and could help to regulate blood pressure.

As mentioned earlier, lemons are exceptional citrus fruits and may have the potential to promote weight loss. It could improve the health of your skin, as well as help to prevent kidney stones.

Add pineapples before straining and drinking

Pineapples are good for our heart health because they are rich in manganese. Pineapples also have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and may also help to reduce the risk of cancer.

Mash the fruit into pulp

Take some of your favourite fruits and mash them up into a healthy blend to drink in your water.

Change the “texture” of your water

Sparkling water has its benefits. It may help to relieve constipation and is easier to swallow. It also leaves you feeling fuller.

But while sparkling water is beneficial, it can seem a bit “harder” than still water and gassy too. That said, you can add half sparkling and half still in one glass for an even combination.

Flavour it with some basil

Basil herbs are great for good health. These are rich in flavonoids that promote healthy white blood cells. Basil also has excellent anti-bacterial properties and may help to improve your digestion. Infuse some fresh basil in water and let it sit a few hours before drinking.

Substitute fruit with vegetables

While the thought of vegetables in your water may sound yuk, it has the goodness of vitamins and minerals you need to keep healthy. Simply boil some carrots or leafy greens such as broccoli, and spinach, and leave the water to cool. Strain the veg from the water. Once the water has cooled down, you can go ahead and drink up.

Vegetables, especially the leafy green ones, are good for heart health. They also help with blood pressure, mental wellbeing and health and wellness to name a few.

Note: Drinking water throughout the day may help your weight loss efforts. But remember that balancing your diet, along with regular exercise will increase your chances of losing weight. Drinking water alone, may not promote weight loss.

Don't forget to hydrate
Don't forget to hydrate | Source

Conclusion about why your main source of hydration should be water

Pure water is wonderful and has many benefits that could help you improve your health. With no added sugar, preservatives and other not so good ingredients, it truly is something I consider as a first choice to quenching my thirst.

If you don’t want to drink plain water straight from the bottle, I get it. Try adding fresh ingredients like some cucumber, lemon and mint or watermelon slices. Naturally, these ingredients are good for you. As a bonus, it adds some delicious flavour to what would seem a “boring, tasteless” glass of H2O.

Do you drink enough water every day?

© 2020 Nancy Amon


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