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How long life we spent sleeping

Updated on December 15, 2011

We sleep too much

Have you done how long of your life spent sleeping? As a rule, you know that will go to bed at night, around the same time, and rises in the morning.
On average it is considered as ideal sleep 8 hours a day. Some people sleep more and feel good and others sleep less and feel equally well. But that's another review.

I will shaw the number of hours we needed for sleep since we are bay until adults.
I'm going from one base. For this analysis using data from the American Foundation of sleep, from 2003:

  • Babies

0 - 2 months should sleep between 10,5 and 18,5 hours per day;

2 - 12 months, 14 to 15 hours;

12 - 18 months, 13 to 15 hours.

  • Children

1.5 - 3 years should sleep 12 to 14 hours per day;

3 - 5 years, 11 to 13 hours;

5 - 12 years, 9 to 11 hours.

  • Adolescents should sleep between 8.5 to 9.5 hours daily.
  • Adults should sleep an average with a range of 7 to 9 hours.

I will use this data and do some math to see how far we slept until certain ages. The curves follow the mathematical rules, and decimals are rounded up or down to give full days.


0-2 months. Making the average, babies should sleep for 14.5 hours a day.Of course some sleep more hours than others, but what matters here is to give an idea. In this 60 days, we have 1.440 hours and the babies sleep 870 hours in the two life days, what means 60,4% of all time, or 36,25 days.

2-12 months. Babies should sleep for the same 14.5 hours a day. Until the baby turns one year, in all 365 days we have a total of 8.760 hours, of which in 5.292,5 hours a baby were sleeping. That means with one year of life, in 221 days the baby were sleeping.

12-18 months.Within six months, making the average, babies should sleep 14 hours a day. In half a year there are 4.380 hours, of which 2.597 hours were sleeping. Equivalent to 108 days to sleep.


1,5 - 3 years. Making the average, children should sleep 13 hours a day. This year and a half we have 547,5 days. Gives 13.140 hours of which were 7117,5 hours sleep.Equivalent to almost 297 days sleeping.

Age 3.After completing three years, a baby, have children, 1.095 days of life. And spent 626 days sleeping.

Age 5. In the following two years, until the age 5, will have more 17.520 hours of life. That children should sleep is 12 hours. So we have 8.760 hours to sleep. It's equivalent to say that 365 days was sleeping. That is, one year of a life was sleeping.

In all this 5 years, taking up the accounts, which has roughly 1.825 days. in five years. 992 days have been sleeping, what give more 2,7 years.

Age 12. By completing 12 years, the average hours of sleep is 10 hours a day. Once seven years have 2.555 days or 61.320 hours, we found that 25.550 hours must sleep, which gives more than 1.065 days or 2.9 years.

Returning to the accounts. Of the 4.380 days that has the first 12 years of life, 2.057 days were sleeping, which gives more than 5,6 years.


In adolescence, until they reach 18 years, we have six more years an average of 9 hours per day recommended for sleep. In those 2.190 days there are 52.560 hours. Of these, 19.710 hours were for sleeping, which gives 821 days or 2,3 years.

Returning to the accounts. Of the 6.570 days that has the first 18 years, 2.878 days were sleeping, which gives more than 7,9 years.


After 18 years, until 20, we entered the average of 8 hours sleep per day. There are 8.760 hours a year, of which 2.920 hours are a sleep, which equates to 122 days.

Thus, up to 20 years, to 2.878 days accumulated to sleep since you were born, we've added 244 days, which gives 3.122 days sleeping, or 8,5 years to sleep.

For each next decade we will have 87.600 hours and 29.200 hours slept, or 1.217 of the existing 3.650 days.

Faced with these accounts:

  • at age 30 sleep 4.339 days (11,9 years)
  • at age 40 sleep 5.556 days (15,2 years)
  • at age 50 sleep 6.773 days (18,6 years)
  • at age 60 we have slept 7.990 days (21,9 years)
  • at age 70 we have slept 9207 days (25,2 years)
  • at age 80 we have slept 10.424 days (28,6 years)
  • at age 90 already slept 11.641 days (31,9 years)
  • at age 100, we have slept 12.858 days (35,2 years)


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      it is strange

    • Paul Berod profile imageAUTHOR

      Paulo Camacho 

      7 years ago from Funchal, Madeira island, Portugal

      Mrs asif and networkandy,

      Thanks for your comments. In reality are big calculations that show we sleep to much in our short lives.



    • networkandy profile image


      7 years ago from Connecticut

      Half of our lives are spend sleeping. It is strange

      The calculations here are just impressive.

      I vote up for this hub

    • Mrs asif profile image

      Mrs asif 

      7 years ago

      Nice hub with big calculations.


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