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How quickly can you lose 10 pounds on the GI diet?

Updated on May 20, 2011

Every food group is included in the GI diet.

 The nice thing about the GI diet is that it includes all types of food, unlike a low-carbohydrate diet that bans all sorts of foods that contain too much carbohydrates!  Eating a wide variety of food groups is the best way to get adequate nutrition, and a great way to maximum diet follow through.  Many other diets can cause you to became tired of eating a limited food choices that you will quit and start eating potatoe chips.  By comparison, the GI diet allows you to have a wide varrity from every food group, which makes it easy and tasty.

What makes GI diet a different diet?

There are some major differences. The first is that some foods that have a low GI, are also high in fat and calories. The next is that although this is a great plan for diabetics, they should really talk to their doctor, when ever they plan to greatly change there habits.

For an example, whole milk has a lower GI, than Skim, but the difference is not enough for someone to justify it as a better choice if you are really on a diet.

The best difference in the GI diet is that this diet is primarily high fiber foods. Since fiber is indigestible and has negligible calories, but is one of the most important things that you can add to a diet to benefit your digestive system. Also there is a link to fiber and your risk reduction to things like cancer and heart disease.

How quickly will I lose 10 pounds?

You can expect to lose about 1-2 pounds a week on this diet. Which means that it will take you about 5-8 weeks to lose 10 pounds.

Low GI foods that are highly recommended.

All Bran
Dried apricots
Roasted and salted peanuts
Apple juice, unsweetened
Fettucine pasta
Orange juice
Skimmed milk
Special K
Baked beans in tomato sauce
Green grapes
Stoneground wholemeal bread
Kiwi fruit
Pearl barley
Butter beans
Lentil soup
Tomato soup, canned
Carrots, boiled
Low-fat fruit yoghurt
White spaghetti
Low-fat yoghurt with sweetener
Porridge made with water
Whole milk
Chick peas, canned
Raw oatbran
Wholemeal spaghetti
Milk chocolate
Red lentils


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