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How the Ebola virus is caused by socialism

Updated on October 2, 2014

Why socialism causes outbreaks and death from illness.

So we need to help the brain dead who believe a socialist government is the answer to mankind’s problems. See, I am a free market capitalist that knows freedom and opportunity is the answer to the worlds ills, while socialism leads to poverty and death.

These are facts that are continually in front of us, yet the liberals and the socialist want to keep drawing a utopian view that being fair and having the government in charge of business is the way to go. After all, the resources in the country belong to the government, why shouldn’t they be taking the profits from the sale of the product, since it is owned by the government?

This is the belief that has so many socialist and liberals confused on how a society should function. Reality is, socialism doesn't offer any incentives to be great, exceptional, or to use extraordinary talents given to a person by God. Because Socialism is about fairness, you do not have innovation, and exceptionalism to improve the lives of others. Therefore the people suffer just like the people of Liberia. Liberia should be a social love fest for the liberals and socialist, because this is what they want…a top down government that knows how to control the people. The latest Ebola case in the United States came from Liberia..a socialist country with rampant poverty, and little in the way for health care.

Most people who are socialist and liberals, believe in the misconception that we are all equal, and that no one really deserves to have more than the others. What a great concept if you like living in the stone age, but nothing is ever advanced in society using this corrupt method of a governing. Look up Liberia and the economy of this socialist country. The dumb and stupid who are socialist and liberals will tell you the problem is that the wrong person in charge, but this can happen and will happen anytime you give the “elites” in the government control over you. The distinction is personal property rights, something that every liberal and socialist is against, yet here is proof that government ownership leads to poverty and human rights violations like you only read about!

If you look at capitalism compared to socialism, you will find an income rate for a capitalist country to be about 10 times that of a socialist country. The associated press and their minions put out these great utopian views of liberalism, yet they usually put only one sentence in that – OH, BY THE WAY, THE UNITED STATES AVERAGE INCOME IS TWICE THAT OF THESE OTHER COUNTRIES! My question is, if you think a CEO of a major corporate is only operating with a corrupt motive, what do you think the government officials are operating under? You are assuming they are nice and good people, yet the history of the world shows otherwise, no ifs/ands/buts on this!

So what gives here, what do you mean, the Ebola virus is caused by socialism! It is an absolute fact, because due to the economic constraints, people don’t have the money and the government doesn’t have the tax base to build good hospitals. There is no innovation, production, or excellence to make this country great, because it is a socialist country. They certainly have the resources to be a productive nation, yet these poor people…and I feel sorry for the world that they live in, is a DIRECT RESULT OF SOCIALISM! Yet, we in the United States and the capitalistic countries are the problem?

The Ebola virus couldn’t be contained in Liberia, because they don’t have the facilities nor the facilities to take care of this. Things need money to operate, and if you don’t have a tax base IE INCOME EARNERS, then you have nothing. It takes people who are earning income and are motivated to excel at their chosen fields, that make the world a better place to live. It isn’t more regulations, more bureaucracy, more government nit-wits that is going to make the world work for the people, it is freedom and capitalism that makes it all possible.

All this is provable, just take the top 10 capitalistic countries along with those 25% top income earners to see what that income level is, and compare it to socialist countries…you know, Cuba, Venezuela, Detroit ????, and you will get the picture! I know, the socialist are always looking out for the little guy, so I challenge you to check out the top 10 capitalistic countries and the bottom 25% earners. Compare this to the bottom 25% earners in socialist countries and you will find socialist countries live on 1/10th of what a capitalist countries “poor” live on per year.

It is really an injustice and is insane to think socialism works. Throughout the history of the world, or just go back 2,000 years until today, and show me how tyranny and dictators ruled their countries. This is socialism at its best, and yet we are being told this is the way to go? The United States was formed on individual rights, not the rights given by the government, and that these are God given rights. The country has thrived, mainly based on free market capitalism and is the envy of the world for prosperity and opportunity. Don’t try to challenge this, as I don’t see too many people trying to escape to Cuba, Liberia, or Venezuela, but seem to really risk their life to move HERE!

Liberia has an average GDP income per capita of $440.66 annually…how would you like to live in that utopia?

I am so grateful to be an American...a place where the individual rights are above the rights of the government, and that we are created by God to pursue our dreams and ambitions to the best of our talents, and rights as an individual!


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