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How the Final Frontier Requires Us to Become Pioneers in Exploring the Hidden Potential Within Us All

Updated on April 4, 2020
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Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

Time Has Proven That Money and Material Things Will Not Make You Happy and Enlightenment Does

We as humans have always had the motivation and desire to explore new territories and pioneer into the unknown. What we tend to neglect is that we as human beings have so much more to discover within ourselves. Sadly we age and eventually pass never getting in touch with ourselves and argue that this journey is the one God, Christ, or Buhdda came to tell the world is the real destination. They all preached that the inner journey is the most rewarding in this lifetime and was our duty to explore rigorously until we felt we had arrived.

When we are born are thrown into being conditioned by the world around us especially those within our immediate circle. In school, we disregard spirituality and replace it with the need to get an education, work, raise a family, retire, and die. No matter how you look at this prescription it lacks the potential we have within us all to lead a rewarding, fulfilled and happy life which can only be brought to fruition by truly knowing ourselves.

Billions of people walk around living their lives with no real clues to go about reaching what they are seeking. Their conditioned minds demand that materialism represents the definition of leading a successful life. Big bank accounts, big homes, fancy cars are put first place when they should be last. When we awake from this nightmarish existence and get more in tune with ourselves we lose the desire to pursue happiness by changing the outside and realize that the change we need comes from within.

Every other month there is news of someone committing suicide and in our opinion had achieved the mega-success, fame, and fortune we fantasize would be our dreams come true. However, we must contemplate with all the perceived success they decided to take their own lives which proves a point that the best things in life are not things. When we are balanced in our actions, thoughts, and desires a path opens up to us which causes us to see the light and continues to grow as we develop spiritually.

Identify What Happiness Looks and Needs From You and Execute a Plan to Achieve It

We as human beings need to define what will make us truly happy. Knowing and identifying this I contend is the main culprit in why so many are chasing their tails due to not seeing what they want they already possess. Being exact in our definition of what will truly make us happy is crucial in living a joyous life.

Science and technology will never be able to provide a clear cut solution to the existential problem of enduring a lifetime immersed in pain and suffering. This is the human condition and the core of what I perceive as being the cause of suicides, depression, and pessimism. This inability to define what will make us happy and at the same time be practical and achievable is perhaps the antidote and not medication.

So many have fallen victim and been taken hostage by the never-ending stream of desires we have during the course of the day. One after another and never stops until we learn to step in and apply mindfulness and not allow our minds to take us places we were never created to endure in. To have any chance of truly achieving happiness we must take personal inventory and program our world instead of letting the world program us.

Jim Carey stated, “I wish everyone would become rich and famous and realize that it is not the answer.” If we took a real look at ourselves we would be able to see that underneath all the desires we have the root feeling we seek is true lasting happiness. This is a human condition that could only be arrested by going within and redefining ourselves and practicing self-mastery.

Spirituality is the only thing that I have concluded provides the tools needed to attain this mindset which in turn changes a person's whole being. You think and act differently. Solutions come easier without the need to panic or develop a crisis mindset. Your higher self becomes your anchor and learns to use hope to empower ourselves and not get caught in the undertow when we experience life's curveballs.

Do Not Aspire to Be Someone Else and Instead Look to Become the Ideal of Yourself

Writing down our needs and wants helps us define and separate what is necessary or unnecessary to make our lives complete. We get a clearer picture of ourselves and make sense of our motives and intentions. Intentional living is manifested and we start to grow our vision of ourselves. When we arrive our blueprint of happiness will start to align ourselves with it.

When mind, body, and spirit are aligned with our higher self or God the world becomes a lot easier to navigate due to you having a vision that you can rely on to guide your actions in dark times and in the good times as well. When wholeness occurs we will recognize it right away and become your reference point when dealing with others and how we treat ourselves while most are their own worst enemy.

This ability we have to scare ourselves to death or drowning in self-pity and feeling condemned is the exact opposite of the message the spiritual masters came to instruct to avoid this path. All the negative feelings that people can endure and suffer from have not changed since the beginning of time and the wisdom traditions of the world all point to one thing. The light, enlightenment, and spirituality.

Enlightenment is the process of shedding light on the powers that we are born with. We just lack the ability to see our own character defects and become more compassionate to ourselves. It's truly amazing how many people are living depressed because they lack the knowledge and understand they have everything they need to experience happiness. This is where education has failed us. I sometimes wonder if instead, they taught us to first how to live and achieve spiritual success and later offered classes that helped us fulfill our dreams which are everyone's calling.

All roads lead inwards and it is not until we recognize this aspect of ourselves and how it relates to how we perceive everything and live our lives in accordance with this fact.

You are only as good as you feel as the saying goes and through the revealed truths has proven that the underlying feeling we seek is happiness. Making it a point to be mindful throughout our lives and finding what would produce this feeling is necessary to become the ideal of yourself. When you do is when you have captured the world. You are then connected to the source of everything around you and know that everything exists within you.


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