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How to Achieve a Tush like Kim Kardashian

Updated on December 19, 2014

Get That Workout


The cheap way to get a Kim Kardashian Tush

Love her or hate her, you got to admit this girl looks good. Yes, I am talking about Kim Kardashian. The queen of reality television whose famous assets have made her a household name. Kim does not admit to having surgery to change her looks, but older pictures show she did not have as much behind her as she does now. To achieve her look you can go to the nearest surgeon and ask for butt injections or you can do it the old fashioned way good ole exercise. Here are a few tips to achieve a more lifted sculpted tush like Kim Kardashian.

Strength training-, Doing exercises such as squats and legs lifts regularly will work the muscle underneath the buttocks causing a natural lift and tone, causing it to stand out like Kim Kardashian

Work with the people Kim Kardashian works with- Kim works out with celebrity trainers like Tracey Anderson. You don't have to have a lot of money to get the same workout Tracey Anderson gives Kim Kardashian You can order her videos at or you can go to you tube and find her workouts there.

Diet like Kim- KIm Kardashian gave credit to the Atkins diet for her fifty five pound weight loss after the birth of her daughter. The Atkins diet is a protein based diet and allows for very little carbs.The Atkins diet is also known for rapid weight loss.

Thank your parents- You can do all the exercise you want and you body will respond to it. you body will tone, tighten,lift and get smaller in a direct response to how you treat it, but much of how our bodies look can be blamed on our DNA. If your parents have small backsides more than likely you will not be able to achieve a large bum like Kim Kardashian without the assistance of a plastic surgeon. The strength training will definitely get you a bum that will be more lifted and stand out, but in that case you will have to love the skin your in and make it work for you.


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