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How to Address Behavior Problems

Updated on October 17, 2014

Good Mental Health

There is something organic in simple mental disturbances. The origins of mental disturbances are typically biological or hereditary.

Social interactions can cause abnormal psychological problems as well. From early childhood trauma or trauma later in life, to the effect parenting can have on one's kids- mental disturbances affect nearly all of us.

Simply put- the term "Abnormal Psychology", implies the obstacles that have come into play with our success in life.

From coming to terms with loss, to recovering from disillusionment, good mental health enables people to live a better life.

Homosexuality was a diagnosed mental illness until 1973.  Since then, numerous strides have been made to advance equal rights for everyone.
Homosexuality was a diagnosed mental illness until 1973. Since then, numerous strides have been made to advance equal rights for everyone. | Source

Basic Facts of Abnormal Behavior

  1. Stress- many examples of mental health issues are derived from stress.
  2. More men are diagnosed with with substance abuse and anti-social disorders; women are usually diagnosed with anxiety and depression.
  3. Living in poverty can cause stress, which can lead to mental illness.
  4. Traumatic social interactions can cause abnormal psychological problems.
  5. Basic mental disturbances are either biological or hereditary.


Have you suffered from mental health disturbances? If yes, how did you treat it?

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Usually, when one experiences any of these conditions, they may feel that they are on their own and are not allowed to live a normal life.

There was a time when these type of people were often considered weak and a threat to the strength of society.

The good news is that there are plenty of medical professionals working very hard to help create a better life for those with any of these symptoms.

Mental health professionals are interested in discovering innovative approaches to good mental health to share with their patients by using safe and natural scientific methods.

Many have taken their own mental health concerns to social media, instead of addressing a professional, causing embarrassment to their friends and loved ones.
Many have taken their own mental health concerns to social media, instead of addressing a professional, causing embarrassment to their friends and loved ones. | Source

Quick Features of Poor Mental Health

  1. Naturally given into superstitions
  2. Fanatical- often ruled by emotions
  3. Inability to love and form deep understanding
  4. Emotionally manipulative
  5. Lack of sympathy
  6. Poor hygiene

Poor mental health is often a frightening, even dangerous thing to experience. However, it is often not the victim's fault that some of these abnormalities happen.

If poor mental health is not properly treated however, the consequences can lead to financial and legal trouble.

Prison is a reminder that the community needs authority, but many times, people are in jail that shouldn't be based simply on the fact they did not get mental health assistance.

Poor mental health can be so disorienting, that there is a detachment from people and things that was once revered to the individual. This process is also disruptive to them.

In many cases, there are even free services available to help those with poor mental health through the church or other non-profit organizations.

If someone is acting strange, it is critical to be sensible about it and provide them with necessary assistance.

Overview of "The Sociopath"

Even though acceptable gender and cultural roles have drastically changed (even within the past five or so years), there are still those who have absolutely no chance of living a logical life with out extensive help from professionals.

Take into account the term "Sociopath". A sociopath is an individual who essentially lives a life without emotions and without regard for hurting the loved ones in their lives. They seem to be engulfed in a spiritual paralysis where, through their glib and superficial charm, they portray themselves as something they are not.

A typical sociopath is also incapable of feeling sympathy for anyone and has zero lack of concern for traditional ethics and social mores. In addition to this, they often mistake lust for love and have a serious inability to form deep, loving relationships with people.

Many times sociopaths also have defensive feelings of intellectual or social superiority, which also makes them appear self-delusional.

A sociopath's values normally lay in money, status and power which can also irreparably damage their relationships. Through the use of their persuasive language, often times they achieve anything they desire at the expense of putting others down.

The most frightening aspect of their behavior is that most of the time, they are completely oblivious to their own destructive ways, and carry on as if their lives are fine.

Actor Christian Bale portrays 1980's businessman Patrick Bateman in the film, "American Psycho". The film is a sensationalized take on what a sociopath is capable of. In the end, Bateman fails to see any slights in his logic.
Actor Christian Bale portrays 1980's businessman Patrick Bateman in the film, "American Psycho". The film is a sensationalized take on what a sociopath is capable of. In the end, Bateman fails to see any slights in his logic. | Source

Getting Help From an Expert

All of this leads up to the idea that good mental health is a form of power and bad mental health can be destructive. What warrants this is being able to seek out medical experts to help in the recovery process.

Professionals with expert knowledge of the specific situation can help those suffering in a way that family and friends cannot.

Essentially, the term "expertise" is socially produced knowledge. Regarding mental health, medicine defines what is normal (healthy) and abnormal (sick). Medicine is supposed to restore health to a person, but there are some situations where experts and medicine fail the individual, as is the case with treating Alcoholism.

Photo of Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson.
Photo of Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson. | Source

A Brief Overview of Alcoholism

The term "Alcoholism" is a health and medical diagnosis for what is essentially a social problem.

Being an alcoholic was considered a moral deficiency until the group Alcoholics Anonymous began calling it a disease; now it is considered a medical condition.

Seeing Alcoholism's roots lay as an abnormal social problem, AA is adamant about continual group activities and accountability, in an effort to restore broken social phobias and deficiencies.

Alcoholism is also now associated with genetic predisposition, as opposed to someone with irreparable social failings acquired throughout life.

The difference between Alcoholics Anonymous and consulting an addiction expert, however, is that members of AA simply apply the practices they learned in recovery and share their experience with others, whereas as an expert has advanced degrees in this specific area with zero first hand experience of the situation.

Both can be equally effective, however, in promoting good mental health and restored sanity.

Alternative Methods to Restore Mental Health

Recognition of one's mental health issues is the first step in getting help. Besides conventional approaches to recovery, there are plenty of other methods people use to restore their sanity.

Some people try to master a traumatic event in their life by writing about it. Stream of conscious writing is a good tool for generating ideas about what has happened to the victim, working through ideas that can be harmful to them, and clarifying ideas, from a psychological viewpoint.

Other people have had their health restored by working exclusively with a Chiropractor and implementing a strict diet and exercise regime.


It is critical to seek help for mental health. Once anything is lost or destroyed, it can never be recovered, so acknowledging that one may have a problem is extremely important. Even if treatment simply reaffirms the patient is healthy, it is still important to know and be validated.

A sense of awakening and mindfulness is often the result of restored sanity and well-being. Once a logical flow of ideas begins with the person, there is unity and cohesion in their life again.

Our world has become increasingly confrontational, hypercritical and attacking. Now more so than ever, it is important to be empowered with strong mental health.

We have no right to degrade those who have to face such obstacles and advocacy should play a major part in all of our lives in supporting good mental health.


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