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How to Analyze your Blood Work - What Lab Results Don't Tell You!

Updated on April 19, 2015

The first thing you must always do when managing your health is to get a copy of your blood work. You need this vital information in order to take charge of your health. It is your right to get this information and any doctor's office will provide you with a copy upon request.

Now that you have a copy of your blood results how do you know what the numbers really mean? What if you are on the low or high range of what the lab considers normal - should you be concerned? Could your numbers be telling you something or warning you of a potential problem that may be brewing?

To find out what is really going on in your body you could take your results to a nutrition center that has the software to analyze your results or to a blood chemist. The conventional medical doctors are only concerned about what the lab considers a normal range. This normal range is not necessarily a healthy range or a range you want to be in. There is another range that we should be more concerned about and it is called the Optimal Metabolic Range. If you are out of this range you may not be as healthy as the doctors say you are. There could be alerts to a problem that is brewing in your body. Don't wait until you have a serious problem! Empower yourself and find out how healthy you really are by comparing your results to the Optimal Metabolic Ranges.

Analyze your blood work
Analyze your blood work

Compare Your Results - Are You as Healthy as You Think You Are?

I discovered that blood results can alert you to MANY things - things that may not seem relevant to your doctor but would be definitely be relevant to you! Did you know your blood can tell you if you are toxic, have allergies, how strong your immune system is and how well you are absorbing nutrients? The health of your blood could be a warning sign of a disease brewing or waiting to happen.

If you are like me and have always wondered what all of those numbers on your report mean you will find this information that I am sharing value. What you do with the information is up to you. Please note that a traditional doctor will not be able to help you if your blood work is outside of the Optimal Metabolic Ranges that you see below. Most likely the problem would be a nutritional issue and not a medical problem that would involve a drug or prescription. You would need to find a nutrition center or Naturopath to help you.

What Does it Mean if You are Outside of the Optimal Metabolic Ranges?

I can only offer you the information that was on my results when I had breast cancer. You can use this information to give you a better idea as to what each of the markers mean. If your blood work is mostly outside of the Optimal Metabolic Ranges I would recommend you seek a Nutritionist or Natropath for help.

Low Creatinine – muscle atrophy
High Glucose - Pancreatic stress

Low Potassium – Pernicious anemia, inadequate diet, endocrine disfunction, protein malnutrition, digestive dysfunction, folic acid insufficiency
Low Albumin – parasites, Vit C insufficiency, pernicisou anemia, pancreatic dysfunction, protein malnutrition
Low Calcium – Vit D insufficiency, protein malnutrition, renal dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction, bone problems, protein malnutrition
High Alk. Phos. – osteoblastic lesions, Vit D insufficiency, malabsorption, liver/biliary dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction
Low HCT – intestinal parasites, digestive dysfunction, free radical pathology, endocrine dysfunction, pernicious anemia, protein malnutrition, renal dysfunction, bone problems, Vit B1 insufficiency, toxic effect of lead or other non-medical metals, spleen dysfunction
Low RBC – iron deficiency anemia, folic acid anemia, Vit B6 anemai, spleen dysfunction, toxic effects of heavy metals, renal dysfunctions, digestive dysfunction, liver/biliary dysfunction
High MCV – hypothroidism, Vit C insufficiency, folic acid anemia, toxic effects of lead, renal dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, liver/biliary dysfunction
High WBC – mononucleosis, most childhood diseases, toxic effects of carbon monoxide, abscess, gastric dysfunction, gout, adrenal dysfunction, infection, free radical pathology, parasites, infection, toxic effect of metals, spleen dysfunction, heat stroke
Low Platelets – free radical damage, liver dysfunction, systemic lupus erythematosis, anemia(s)

Do you currently get a copy of your blood work from your Doctor?

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How Getting My Blood Analyzed Help Me Take the First Step to Heal from Breast Cancer

Thankfully I had my blood analyzed! I was told that my blood was that of a malnourished person who was under a lot of stress and very toxic. That was shocking because I ate very healthy and I was not under an extraordinary amount of stress. At the time I had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and was baffled because I had a great diet and had always taken excellent care of myself. It was upsetting and at the same time a relief to hear that my blood showed that I was in poor health. I had cancer so I definitely wasn't healthy yet the doctors could offer me no reason as to why I got sick. They all told me that I did nothing wrong and that it was my genetics. That went against everything I had come to believe so hearing about how sick my blood was gave me something to work with, something to improve, something to measure.

Had I had known how to analyze my blood I may have sought help BEFORE my body succumbed to cancer. Like I said - I always ate healthy, took supplements, exercised and worked on my emotions so I thought I would never get cancer. What I later uncovered was that I had a problem in my digestive system. I would have been able to manage my condition without this knowledge (it appeared to be allergies) with dietary changes and more supplements. You can follow my journey on my Heal Breast Cancer Naturally blog.

Hopefully by sharing this information you will be informed and if you find something wrong you can take it to an alternative practitioner for help.


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