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How to Avoid Bad Mouth Breath

Updated on December 31, 2012

How to Avoid Bad Mouth Breath Completely

Bad mouth breath, medically called halitosis can be caused from poor dental habits or other health problems.
It is a known fact now that bad breath is the 3rd most frequent reason people seek dental aid. This comes 3rd after other frequent reasons like tooth decay and periodontal disease.
More than 90 million people suffer from chronic bad breath.For some people, they only experience chronic bad mouth breath when they wake up in the morning before brushing their teeth. But for others, its an all round the clock thing. Even after brushing the mouth early in the morning, they still experience bad breath before the day runs out.
This problem can be very embarrassing, devastating and demoralizing. Lots of victims have expressed the fact that they lose confidence in themselves especially when they have to discuss one on one with another person.Some people say its natural but its not and can be stopped.
We all know some basic tips on how to avoid bad mouth breath like;
-Brushing the mouth morning and night.
-Rinsing the mouth with water after every meal.

Bad odor

Please join me for a meeting
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4 simple guide on how to avoid bad mouth breath

We really cannot overlook important and rewarding steps of how to avoid bad mouth breath.
Below is a guide on how to avoid bad mouth breath.

1) Cleanliness of the tongue: Tongue bacteria accounts for 80 to 90% of all cases of mouth related bad breath. I know and am sure a lot of people have this problem with brushing their mouth the proper way. They get to the bathroom, put the brush in the mouth, wash teeth and corners of the mouth, rinse and get out of the bathroom. This is absolutely wrong. Where did you put your tongue when brushing? The truth is that the tongue has millions of filaments that trap food particles. After chewing your food, you leave these particles in the mouth. If they are not removed while brushing the mouth, they will stay on the tongue and begin to ferment and promote hosting of bacterias and you know what that means. So take note of this one. As it is about the most important point in your guide on how to avoid bad breath.

2) Eat certain foods: Though some people avoid eating certain stuffs like raw garlic and onions, there are foods you need to eat to help in avoiding bad mouth breath.
Yoghurt - this sounds interesting doesn't it? Let me let you know that recent studies show that yoghurt helps lower the bacteria and hydrogen sulfide level in the mouth. These two are the main culprits contributing to bad mouth odor.
Eat fiber-rich fruits and vegetables - This can help enhance or stimulate glands producing saliva. Saliva helps wash away plaque, bacteria and dead cells lying on the tongue and around the mouth. Apples, celery and carrots are good examples.
Chew certain herbs - Cardamom, rosemary, eucalyptus, parsley, tarragon to mention a few are all very good herbs that have natural ability to contribute to a fresher breath. Some of these herbs are used as garnishes in food. So do make sure you set them aside and eat them after your meal.
Foods rich in vitamin C - Vitamin C prevents growth of bacteria in the mouth. So fruits like berries and citrus fruits are essentials. And they help in fighting off gingivitis and gum diseases which can cause bad mouth breath.

3) Chewing gum: Some guys wont like doing this, but you got to do it to save your day of embarrassment. When you sense bad breath coming, chew the gum. This is because when you chew a chewing gum, you hasten the production of saliva. Saliva being watery tends to wash away trapped particles from the tongue. Most recommended chewing gum is a cinnamon flavored chewing gum as it contains odor fighting agents.

4) Flossing and dentist visit: Flossing is very important in removing rotting food debris and bacterial plaque from between the teeth, especially the gumline. Do endeavor to pay a periodic visit to the dentist for an overall check up of the mouth. You never can never tell there could be something else in your mouth you never knew.

These are simple and not to be overlooked or underestimated steps on how to avoid bad mouth breath. Follow judiciously and consider your mouth to be free from odors. As clean, fresh and odorless as Mila Kuni's teeth :)


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