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How to Avoid Being Shot in a Gun Fight

Updated on June 18, 2013

Many people especially those involved in gangs and those living in bad neighborhoods wonder about how to avoid being shot in a gun fight. I have to say that unless you are a police officer or a member of the military, you really have no business being involved in a gun fight or being anywhere near guns. For that reason Walmart should really stop selling guns to the general public.

Now if you cannot help living in a bad neighborhood because you are poor or for some other reason and if you for any reason at all find yourself a part of a gun fight, I would recommend staying as far away from the gun as possible and not lingering around. Go opposite of the direction of the shooting and do not even think about trying to help out and somehow be a hero by resolving the situation.

If you are just a bystander, try to be very aware of your surroundings at all times, especially late at night. The moment you see someone who looks even vaguely strange or dangerous, walk away as fast as possible without attracting attention to yourself. Do not engage in any contact or conversation with the person in question. You want to be invisible to them and avoid triggering a violent reaction.

If you are the person who is going into a gun fight knowingly, bring a bigger gun and shoot to kill. Now some new legislation is coming out for gun control and hopefully in the near future most gun at least will be off the street. Guns really have no place in the streets and I think only the military and police should have them.

Did you hear about that new violent video game that the NRA recently put out? It is supposedly meant for children four and up and basically it teaches people to shoot at targets. This game was made available to the public a very short time after the Connecticut killings. It is so immoral and just wrong on every level. The NRA should be abolished.


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    • profile image

      Greyaxe 4 years ago

      You are an idiot, and know very little about firearms and even less about the 2nd Amendment. I agree that we need to get firearms out of the hands of criminals (including gangbangers), but if you disarm law abiding citizens your are creating victims and subjects. If you are scared of guns talk to your friends that own guns, ask them to teach you about firearms safety. Or check with a local gunstore or shooting range they usually offer gun safety classes. Teach you children gun safety, try the Eddie Eagle gun safety video, you can get it from, the largest gun safety and training organization in the country. By the way the NRA also trains most of the police in this country in the use of firearms and firearm safety. Also the "violent" video game you're referring to is a target shooting game and includes gun safety tips. Do some research before slandering an organization that has done more to promote gun safety than all the feel good legislation that is being bandied about will ever do. I find your article to be fool of holes and written by someone that knows very little about being in bad situation. Hopefully before you submit more uninformed drivel you will do some research beyond what your are being fed by a socialist media with an agenda of its own.