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How to Avoid Getting Sick, and Getting Over Sickness

Updated on April 28, 2015

I hate being sick; there is no worse feeling than being sick for me. I always try to maintain a good exercise routine, good hygiene and I eat healthily as well to make sure that I get sick as rarely as possible.

It has paid off as I hardly ever get sick because my immune system is quite hardy. At school, when I was in a class full of people that had the flu, I was one of the only ones who didn’t get it.

Still, there are times when you are exposed, perhaps more than you’d wish, when some inconsiderate idiot sneezes or coughs on you, or coughs all over the place and spreads their germs.

Right now while I’m sitting here writing this, I’ve been suffering for the last couple of days after I picked up something from one of my family members.

Here are some tips to deal with the things talked above in the heading:

Sharing toothbrushes with others isn't a good idea.
Sharing toothbrushes with others isn't a good idea. | Source

Staying Healthy and Avoiding Sickness

• If you sweat a lot after exercise or sport, make sure to dry your hair as quickly as possible.

• If you don’t have a towel to dry your hair with then wear a beanie to keep your head warm.

• If you are out in the cold with wet hair, you will get sick the next day, guaranteed. It’s happened to me plenty of times.

• If someone is sick in your family, do what you can to either avoid them or have as little contact with them as possible. I’m not saying that you have to treat them like a leper, but it’s what it takes to stay healthy.

• I happen to have family members whom aren’t the most hygienic people on earth and it’s surprisingly easy to catch whatever is floating around the dinner table.

• If it means you have to eat in a different room for a week then do it. I don’t care if my folks think it’s inconsiderate or rude. I think it would be most inconsiderate to spread their germs all over me. There are always two sides of the coin.

• Malls, cinemas and schools are some the worst places you can go when it comes to health. There’s a good chance that could pick up something. Always be careful of escalators, lifts and toilets. These places require you to be in a place with people and you have no escape for a while, and this is most likely the time where you could get sick.

• Try to eat healthily, especially at breakfast. You should have anything that has vitamins and fibre in it. Bran Flakes, Corn Flakes, Jungle Oats, Muesli and other cereals are a good choice. Fruit and vegetables are also recommended.

• Eating and drinking things with Vitamin C is reported to be good. Berocca and Cal-C-Vita capsules that dissolve in water are great when you are in a hurry.

• Always keep warm; wear warm clothes or have a blanket if you’re really cold.

• When it’s raining and windy outside, wear clothes like a raincoat that will keep you warm and dry.

• Carry an umbrella for downpours.

• If your feet get wet, or any body part is wet for too long you may get sick, because your immune system may be weakened by the temperature conditions. This is not to say that being cold makes you sick. Germs make you sick. We know.

• Take your vitamins every day.

• Take a hot bath or shower when you’ve been out in cold weather.

• Be careful of sharing baths with others or using the water after they’ve finished, especially when they are sick.

• If you bath after someone else, put some disinfectant like Savlon or Dettol in the water and leave it for a few minutes.

• If you share a shower with someone, make sure you wear some cheap slops that you can wear in there to avoid picking up Athlete’s Foot.

• If you share a toilet with someone, spray the seat with disinfectant before touching it or sitting on it.

• Don’t ever share personal items like toothbrushes, shaving brushes, and anything that has touched someone else’s face.

• Don’t share food with other people.

• Dry your hair properly when you get out the bath. First use a towel, and then a hairdryer or something.

• Make sure you always wash your hands, especially after visits to the bathroom and before meals.

• Drink plenty of water.

• Get enough sleep; otherwise your immune system may be weakened.

• Make sure you are covered up in bed in winter, and don’t let any part of your body get exposed to the cold.

• Have a flu shot every year.

• Keep your fingers out of your eyes, nose and mouth. Use a tissue or a face pad around these areas if you have to. Otherwise you risk picking up germs.

"If someone is sick in your family, do what you can to either avoid them or have as little contact with them as possible. I’m not saying that you have to treat them like a leper, but it’s what it takes to stay healthy."

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Some call it snake oil, but vitamin supplements by renowned brands can not only help with getting better, but preventing sickness in the first place. Vitamin C is a must.
Some call it snake oil, but vitamin supplements by renowned brands can not only help with getting better, but preventing sickness in the first place. Vitamin C is a must.
Some call it snake oil, but vitamin supplements by renowned brands can not only help with getting better, but preventing sickness in the first place. Vitamin C is a must. | Source

Getting Over Sickness

• For congestion, try Vicks VapoRub on your chest and shoulders, or you can put some in a sink full of warm water and put your head over it with a towel on your head.

• Gargling salt can deal with a sore throat.

• Have a mint or a spray to soothe a sore throat.

• Chicken soup is also a common home remedy for someone who is sick.

• Plenty of rest is recommended when you’re sick. If this means you have to take a few days off of your exercise routine or work, then you should do it. Exhausting yourself means that you’ll be sick for longer. Some people think that by exercising while you are sick you will actually be doing some good, but in my experience it just makes it worse.

• Eating ice cream or drinking something soothes a sore throat.

• Hot water and lemon is supposed to clear up congestion. You get ready made sachets called Med-Lemon.

• Drinking Green Tea is supposed to have the same effect.

Some of you reading this might think that this all sounds like too much effort. You may even think that it’s all things that a fastidious neat-freak would do. Some even argue that a lack of exposure to dirty things will weaken your immune system because you don’t have a hardy constitution.

If people call you a germophobe or say that you’re germophobic, just reply that there’s no such word (it’s actually baccilophobic or bacteriaphobic - fear of germs).

Ask yourself though: would you rather be sick over and over to ‘build up’ your immune system or would you rather not get sick in the first place?

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.”

— Thomas Fuller

Do you get sick often?

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© 2008 Anti-Valentine


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    • profile image

      muffy 2 years ago

      Help my husband is getting a cold now... what do I do now...I did get the flu shot but it was just 2 weeks ago and my doctor says it takes 4 weeks to work. But the flu shot doesn't prevent me from getting a cold....I can't get sick now I have to work every weekend until just before Christmas...I also have diabetes and psoriatic arthritis......

    • profile image

      albert777 4 years ago

      Take the Flue shot every year? Are you trying to kill us? Vitamin D-3 kills the Flue virus.

    • profile image

      Fatma 4 years ago

      I can totally absolutely and without any doubt in my mind relate to the wet hair in night and sore throat in morning.

    • profile image

      human-x 5 years ago

      i know what you feel about being sick (the thing i hate the most too). Though i used to thing the same as being always aware of the sick persons near me; now i don't really give a fuck anymore..i stay in cold,wet,eat anything..but i also walk a lot (moving keeps u healthy) and whenever there is a chance to exercise physically, use it. don't live like a hypochondriac! yet also try to keep a distance from sick people. balance is the key to my oppinion

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      I hate it when I get sick because someone wouldn't cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze. It's even more annoying at school because I can't get away from the person.

    • profile image

      Natalie 6 years ago

      Anti-Valentine this article absolutely cracked me up. I don't think people are realise the humour to this article. I totally agree with a lot of the things you have said and suggested.

      I can also suggest that going from a hot to cold temperature very quickly can also weaken the immune system. Especially for those who play indoor sport or do exercise indoors and don't give their bodies a chance to cool down before stepping out into the cold winter air to go home.

      Winter is approaching here in Australia and I am going to try not to get sick. Just might be a bit difficult considering I go to uni and take public transport. Gah.

      Anyway I am going to create an account and read some more of your articles.

      Health and happiness to you!

    • Anti-Valentine profile image

      Anti-Valentine 6 years ago from My lair

      Well, that's your opinion. You're entitled to it. If, in your experience, it hasn't helped, then it won't help. These are mainly just general suggestions for people to try.

    • profile image

      MJ 6 years ago

      everything u said is right except for eating ice cream soothes the sore throat which i disagree with

    • profile image

      peter 6 years ago

      is it possible to get sick because i dont cover my shoulders when i sleep

    • profile image

      Brenna 6 years ago

      I feel the same way, right now I'm miserably sick and I have a 4 month old child so I'm doing everything I can to get better as fast as possible. Thanks for your amazing incite!

    • Anti-Valentine profile image

      Anti-Valentine 6 years ago from My lair

      If you bothered to read the comments above you'd see that we've established that what was said was taken out of context, or wasn't elaborated upon at the time of writing.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      lol @ people such as this author who thinks you can get a cold from being cold. As if the low temp magically brought on a viral infection.

      Severe cold, as in hypothermia, can weaken the human immune system slightly, giving viral infections a better chance at survival. But there's no way you're going to catch a virus because it's cold outside or your hair is wet. Also, how the heck do you explain getting sick from a body part being wet?

    • Anti-Valentine profile image

      Anti-Valentine 6 years ago from My lair

      There's nothing really "wrong" with it. It's just unpleasant and I don't like it much. :P

      The only real upside is you get a few days off of school, work, or whatever. But then the downside to that is you have to spend days catching up.

    • profile image

      gyrlgirl 6 years ago

      people what is wrong with being sick!!! i mean serously it a stuped conept any way

    • Anti-Valentine profile image

      Anti-Valentine 6 years ago from My lair

      @johnson: I know, right?

    • profile image

      johnson 6 years ago

      I am a firm believer in the wet hair thing. If I go to bed with a wet head I will have a sore throat the next morning especially if I sleep with a fan on. Good suggestions. Thanks!

    • Anti-Valentine profile image

      Anti-Valentine 6 years ago from My lair

      I don't mind getting sick if it's just a little sick. I don't like feeling heavily sick. You know when you "feel" sick? I hate that feeling. But just a cough or wheeze and a bit of sniffle... that's fine. I can live with that.

      So it depends on the degree of sickness, I suppose.

    • profile image

      sick puppy 6 years ago

      getting sick is something very natural and it gives your immunity a wake-up boost to produce antibodies. recently there is evidence that shows this helps our bodys immune system to fight cancerous cells. so which one u want, get sick a couple of times per year, or never get sick and when the time comes for your immunity to work, its already too weak and untrained?

    • Anti-Valentine profile image

      Anti-Valentine 7 years ago from My lair

      So I understand. Perhaps the wording wasn't right, or you misunderstood what I was trying to say.

      Being wet or cold for too long compromises your immune system, so that you are more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses, causing sickness.

      People can argue about this all they want, but I know personally, whenever I wet my hair and I don't dry it, I get sick. But I've learned my lessons regarding that by now.

    • profile image

      jake 7 years ago

      Dude, being wet or cold does NOT make you sick... Viruses and bacteria make you sick. I'm not sure why this is such a common misconception, but it is what it is. Also a note on being sick... Defeating illness builds antibodies and enhances the immune system, allowing humans to function normally in society and simultaneously live a healthy life.

    • profile image

      Marc Peterson 7 years ago

      These are some good tips, Im battling a pretty bad cold right now that Im really hopin to kick before NYE. Thanks!

    • Anti-Valentine profile image

      Anti-Valentine 7 years ago from My lair

      I probably am obsessive. In fact I know I am. But the things I do to prevent myself from getting sick do let me avoid becoming sick that often. Maybe once or twice a year at most.

      And as for being rude to the family, I assure you that I was merely just exaggerating at points in the article. It's not like I treat them like TOTAL lepers.

    • profile image

      Jessica 7 years ago

      You're kind of obsessive, aren't you? No one likes being sick, but the fear of becoming so shouldn't hinder one's time with family or doing basic things. You shouldn't be okay with the fact that your family perceives you as being rude for what you do. Some things are inevitable, including being ill from time-to-time.

    • Anti-Valentine profile image

      Anti-Valentine 8 years ago from My lair

      @asdfghjk: There's no such word as germophobe...

      And I probably get sick a lot less than you do, troll. Goodbye.

      @sarah jones: Kids are a problem because they pick up germs and such from school, and aren't known for being the most hygienic creatures. Good that you might be able to prevent yourself from catching it, though.

    • profile image

      sarah jonas 8 years ago

      thanks for giving me thiis info. know i know what to do to avoid getting sick from my lil sister(:

    • profile image

      asdfghjk 8 years ago

      WOW> I can see that you are a little bitter because everyone has always called YOU a germophobe. Guess it didn't work (being a germophobe and all), since you were sick when you wrote this.


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