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How to Balance Your Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Updated on November 11, 2016

Cholesterols are not actually harmful to the body. In fact, it is essential to normalize our blood function that is why it is being secreted by the liver to be distributed evenly. It only becomes harmful if we have more bad cholesterols than the normal which is needed by our bodies.

Oatmeal smoothies to lower cholesterol levels.
Oatmeal smoothies to lower cholesterol levels.

Top 10 Picks of Foods that can Lower Cholesterol Naturally

1. Oats – The beta-glucan content of this grain is the secret to its successful low cholesterol contribution.

2. Salmon – Fishes like salmon are rich in omega 3 which is one important nutrient needed for a healthy heart. This content can actually help lower the cholesterol levels boosting the good cholesterols for up to 4% more.

3. Nuts – These delicious snack is one healthy food for our hearts because of its plant sterols content. But because it has also high calorie content, it must be eaten in a normal way or should not be abused.

Just the right amount of red wine could help your heart.
Just the right amount of red wine could help your heart.

4. Red Wine – Red grapes which are sources of red wines can actually lower the cholesterol levels for up to 9% according to research conducted by the Department of Metabolism in Madrid, Spain.

5. Black Tea – Aside from it being an antioxidant, this favorite beverage has also the ability to lower cholesterol level as it is known to prevent coronary heart diseases.

6. Beans – This legume has a fiber content and plant sterols which are healthy to the heart. It is also a great choice to be served as a soup because of its delicious taste.

7. Cocoa – Chocolates are made from cocoa nuts or powders. Different from the others listed above, chocolates boost the levels of good cholesterols and balancing the overall level of cholesterol in the body.

Put a small amount of butter in your breakfast to benefits from its plant sterols content.
Put a small amount of butter in your breakfast to benefits from its plant sterols content.

8. Fortified Foods – Butter and margarine among the other fortified foods are rich in plant sterols which are known to lower cholesterol levels for up to 3.5%.

9. Garlic – This spice is my mother’s favorite. Any cholesterol supplements with garlic content are her most recommended to friends and family. It is also famous to balance or reduce blood pressure and is ideal for people with high blood pressures.

10. Spinach – The green leaves that has almost everything – spinach. This leafy green contains lutein which is very good for the eyes and if you do not know yet, lutein rich foods also do a remarkable function to the heart by lowering cholesterol levels. In addition, spinach also contains plant sterols.

Carry your plant sterols supplement on hand for easier access when you are outdoors.
Carry your plant sterols supplement on hand for easier access when you are outdoors.

Other Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol Levels in the Body

Aside from these listed foods, cholesterol level can be lowered by taking in cholesterol supplements. British Supplements have introduced their clean plant sterols capsule which is 100% Vegan and Gluten-free. Plant sterols supplements are recommended for people who have high levels of cholesterol inside their body. It is also ideal to those people who have not much time to stay inside the kitchen and eat most of the time in restaurants and fast food chains. You can purchase their product through Amazon.

Olive oil can also be one of the most heart-friendly oils you may use as a substitute for other fats you usually use. You can add it to raw vegetable salads in addition to your dressing recipes or in marinating sauces.


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