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How to Be at Peace in Life

Updated on August 21, 2013
Live a Zen Life!
Live a Zen Life! | Source

A Peaceful Life

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." - Mother Teresa

Number one: If you live as though you're alone in this world, only looking out for yourself, and you view others as threatening, then you close yourself off from one of the biggest sources of peace in your life.

We really are all one, and there are always helpers out there. We are NOT alone and we don't have to pretend to be an island. True inner peace comes with trusting yourself and opening yourself up to help and fellowship. Of course, setting healthy boundaries with those around you helps ensure you have the right company to bring out the inner peace that is always there, whether we feel it or not.

Feng Shui helps promote inner peace.
Feng Shui helps promote inner peace. | Source


Next, let's talk organization. I wrote a previous hub on the subject of Staying Organized to Reduce Stress. It helps to have an organized outer world, to better allow you to reach that organized, calm state of mind that is inner peace. Declutter a small space of your home each day. It calms the nervous system and brings a sense of order.

Ever heard of Feng Shui? If not, check out this resource for more information, and check out the following books on Amazon:

ME Time

It is SO important to take a little time each day for yourself. A few minutes to reflect, a half hour to go on a run, a soak in the tub with your favorite music playing, reading a few chapters of a good book. I've had time periods in life, some very recently, when I've just plain decided I don't have enough time to care for me. So what happens? I feel used, yuck and not fully capable of caring for those around me, most importantly, my husband and kiddos. I know I must MAKE time for myself, to connect with my inner wellspring of calm, peace and intuition.

Below is one of my favorite Kundalini meditations:

Stay Honest

The more honest and truthful you are -- most importantly with yourself, and then with others around you -- the less fear, guilt, dishonesty and repressed feelings can weigh you down. Take constructive criticism from those around you -- those who are looking out for your well being and growth, no matter how much the truth might "hurt" at first. The more honest and genuinely YOU you are, the lighter you feel and it really does make it easier to deal with the rough patches of life.

To Be Continued...

As I learn more about how to be at peace in my own life, I will continue to add tips, tricks and techniques to this Hub. Thank you for reading thus far, and please do check back occasionally. Also, in the comments below, please share some things that work for you to bring peace into your life. Let's share... maybe one big compendium here for tips on being at peace in our lives? Imagine if we were to ALL focus on bringing peace into our own personal lives, rather than condemning those around us for not living the same way we do...

Please Share

Leave a comment below if this Hub has helped you, or if you perhaps have a tip, trick or technique that helps you bring calm into your own life. I'm always on the lookout for more inspiration! :)


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